Saturday, August 11, 2007


Dear Friends, the following came from IS AMERICA BURNING (see Special Links) and is part of a post written by Worried. What she has to say is of vital importance and is pertinent to my last post so I thought I'd share it with you.

"Radical factions of the three major religions seek global domination with several ends in view. Radical Muslims seek world domination and conversion of the world's populace to Islam in order to bring about the return of the 12th imam. Radical Jews seek restoration of the Holy Temple and restoration of every inch of land held by Israel several thousand years ago; domination will bring about the coming of the Messiah (they do not consider Jesus the Messiah). Radical Christians (Fundies) seek world domination, conversion of the world's populace to their brand of Christianity in order to bring about the return of the Messiah (Jesus).

So what does this have to do with destroying the earth and its environment? They believe the prophecy that when the Messiah comes He will create a "new heaven and a new earth". So if a new earth is to be presented to mankind (with the Fundies as co-rulers) it doesn't matter how man ruins the environment, creates irreversible global warming, or destroys the earth itself - they're gonna get a brand new earth. Isn't that ducky? Too bad about the rest of us or our progeny for future generations.

Daniel said...

I didn't know 'whether' to comment or not, Worried! It was the 'fundies' section that did it. Them and George. Sometimes I think I live in an asylum and all the sane people are locked up and get their meals served and nice pills that make them quiet and peaceful. We who live in the nightmare that is the real world deserve to be pitied.

Friday, August 10, 2007 4:37:00 AM

Worried: Unfortunately, Daniel, the "nice pills" do not work on all of us and even some of the previously sedated are awakening to the full horrors of what is happening to the peoples and our irreplaceable Home. We are watching a train wreck, screaming warnings, and the train keeps running off the track. Only this train wreck affects all life on earth and the globe itself. Will there be survivors?? How can we stop it? And what if the Fundies are wrong and God does not depend on their "help" to bring about the return of the Messiah and the "new heaven and earth" is NOT miraculously created for them (to Hell with the rest of us)?
In the meantime, they blithely go about their way plotting world war, nuclear catastrophes, global domination, environmental destruction, contributions to global warming, and other disasters all in the name of power and greed as they and their masters, Big Business, gain more control of the world's resources and a global "slave" labor pool. The rich become even more obscenely rich, the poor get poorer, and the middle class shrinks alarmingly."

Well, Friends, there you have it. It is a thought-provoking, disturbing post. Worried, thank you. We are in your debt.

If only those who want to 'believe' could just get on with it and not impact negatively upon other people's lives. But that's not in their mission statement.

Converting everyone to their beliefs one way or another is!


Mary Walsh said...

If I listen to my daughter within the next generation we are not going to have an earth to worry about anyhow. In her opinion we are doomed because we refuse to restrict the use of valuable resources throughout the world to important uses for living and survival. Lisa believes that in her children's lifetime the earth is "stuffed" without sufficient fresh water, with genetically engineering foods, the rich getting greedier, life becoming cheaper, and a dog eat dog mentality. Sport reigns while Rome burns. Millions are paid to celebs and idiots, not science!

Do we all feel better now for knowing, what we as individual cannot change, because it has to come from the top down in order to impact on the stupid twits who can't see passed their next IPOD....

Seeing Sicko the other night just confirms my fears about the most powerful country in the world being run by one the stupidest men possible! The Bible Belt of America is one Tourist Destination off my visiting card this year.

Daniel said...

The Bible Bashers, the Koran Krasies and the Judaism Junkies; all of them threaten the future of our world.

When they are combined with the Clueless Capitalists and Putrescent Politicians what chance have we got, eh, Mary? None, I'd reckon.

P.S. Please apologize to Lisa for the world we gave her.

Worried American said...

Thank you, Daniel, for the nod.

Although the world situation appears hopeless, We the People MUST continue the fight for the sake of all the Lisa's of the world and her masculine counterparts. The people of every nation, not just America, must rise up against the tyranny of the USA because our governmental policies and actions will impact every citizen of this globe.

I can relate to Lisa's opinions. When my youngest was in school she was apathetic about her studies. Not unusual when teens are going through their angst, but hers seemingly went farther than that.
Only after she was in her 30s did she confess that the threat of nuclear war hanging over us during the Cold War, etc. convinced her that education was useless because we were all going to die in a nuclear holocaust. By then, she saw that she had not been vaporized and deeply regretted not preparing herself for a future.

The change has to come from the top? Yes, so it is up to us to get rid of the top - through legal means ofcourse. One individual, one drop of water cannot wash away a house built on sand. But a jillion individuals, a jillion drops of water creates an implacable flood. Our present government is a house built on sand, a house of lies, deceit, fraud, crimes, cheating, and mortered with blood.

We Americans must fight like hell to impeach the (bleepers) who have done such wrongs to our nation and to the world. People of other lands must hound their governments to detach themselves from BushCo's crimes and rob them of support.

Can we win? I do not know; it may be too far gone to reverse. BUT as reasoning adults we HAVE TO TRY, strive to the utmost for the sake of our children and posterity. The children are worth every sacrifice, every battle to the bloody end. And if we fail to win, at least we can go down fighting like sabertoothed tigers, not lying down bleating like sheep. And we can honorably tell our children that we did our best, we fought the good fight for them. Some of us may end up in Bush's Haliburton/KBR-built concentration camps but so be it. Some of us dissenters may be executed as traitors. So be it.

Our forefathers fought and died to found our nation; they were shot, hung, imprisoned, ruined and fought a hopeless, losing battle against superior forces - but they won! And went on to settle a continent against many hardships, death, bloodshed, and battles. Are we modern Americans to be any less men than they were?

You Australians have not had a cushy history either. Many of your forefathers were transported as criminals to tame and settle this land - and many "criminals" crimes were no more than owing debts or poverty stricken fathers stealing a loaf of bread to feed his starving family. Some were worked as virtual slaves and most suffered terrible hardships settling your untamed land. Your early peoples had a hard history but they persevered, they succeeded, they built a great nation.

When I was in Australia I toured one of the old, old prisons and I was appalled that men could survive such conditions. I walked about the tiny coal cars and envisioned the prisoners' labors in that stifling heat wresting the coal from the earth and shoveling it into the cars. I envisioned the prisoners building that track on which the little cars rode. There were spikes scattered about and I took one back to the States with me and it sits on an etegere now as a reminder of the hardships suffered and the endurance of man. That site was just a small piece of Australia's history but to me it exemplified the whole and I was filled with admiration and respect for the suffering and the labors of the nation's early settlers. Not all were prisoners, ofcourse, but even the lawful settlers had a hard, hard way of it.

There are Western sayings about men like that: "they were men with the bark on" and "they had sand" and "men to ride the river with".

My forefathers and yours were MEN, and I include the women in that appellation. Can we, their descendents, be any less? Can we do any less to save the nations they built?

DivaJood said...

The irony is that the leaders of each of the fundamentalist factions tend to be quite cynical - the late Jerry Falwell comes to mind. I cannot, for one minute, think that Falwell actually believed in the God he preached about. I believe that his real God was the almighty dollar.

There is a tremendous push for "space tourism", and it comes with a hefty price tag. Why? Because when this earth is burning and uninhabitable, the wealthy cynics will be rocketing off to their multi-billion dollar colonies on the Moon, and Mars.

Look, I do believe in a God of my understanding. As a recovering alcoholic, in AA for many years, I have found that I do rely on a power greater than myself. But it is my belief, and personal, and not something I want to force anyone else to believe. Religion, faith, should be personal - believe, or don't believe, but please keep your faith or lack thereof out of Government.

Because it is just as wrong to outlaw faith (as the USSR did) as it is to demand that the Ten Commandments be displayed in Government buildings.

Daniel, I am certain you don't get Stephen Colbert's show down under, but he had Cong. Lynn Westmoreland on his show not all that long ago. Westmoreland, an idiot from the South, felt that the Ten Commandments should be displayed in all Government Buildings. So Colbert asked the Congressman to name them. He said "What, all Ten?" Colbert nodded. Westmoreland could not do it. Hilarious, and sad, and quite revealing.

Daniel said...

Worried and Jood, I'm in your debt for your valuable, revealing comments.

My position is that folk are entitled to their beliefs as long as they don't interfere with my life or my world! Cheers!

Coffee Messiah said...

Heaven and Hell is right here, right now.....what you make here is what's important, not to wait for something that might never be.

It doesn't matter to me what people believe or not, but, there's no justification for forcing beliefs on others. No matter who U R.

Have you read or seen this play by Bernard Shaw?

Cheers from the us of a! ; )

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm hoping for the rapture sooner rather than later. A world without fundamentalists cannot possibly be any worse than the one we're dealing with now. Give 'em a new earth. I'll take this one and make due without their meddling.

Worried American said...

I'm with you, our multicolored frog!
Are there any more comets due bearing spaceships to carry the faithful to Nirvana or where ever?

Well, I really don't want millions of people drinking poisoned Kool Aid or some such, but it would be nice to kind of gag and bind all the radicals that want to force everyone their way.And don't turn 'em loose until they swear to behave. Sigh!