Friday, August 10, 2007


"Be very skeptical of all those who promise big rewards!"

Friends, in another moment of perspicacity, I suddenly became acutely aware of the world's greatest fraud. It's not that I haven't been aware of it before but, when the actual numbers involved are considered, the scale of it is breathtaking.

Now this fraud is perpetrated on billions of good folk every day. It is not, I repeat not located in any particular nation but is spread across the world. It involves people from all classes of society: mums, dads, kids, the lot! No one is safe and no one is spared except perhaps those of a skeptical disposition.

It is a fraud that very much appears to be genuine. Those who run it look trustworthy. Their appearance is impressive. They smile a lot. They nod, they listen, they seem to have all the answers. Their offices are impressive, ornate, not easily forgotten.

The fraud involves deception. Massive deception. The rewards promised to those who join the scheme are simply breathtaking. They appeal to the greedy, the gullible and salt of the earth folk alike. I, long ago, was taken in by the fraud. Eventually I started to ask questions. The more questions I asked the fewer answers I got. Eventually I saw through the fraud and left the scheme though other friends of mine are still involved up to their ears.

Another aspect of the fraud is that those who run it are in conflict with other groups that are running similar frauds. Turf battles are common. The conflict can range from some mildly heated words over a cup of tea to actual fighting and killing. I kid you not. To many of those taken in by the fraud the total success of their particular scheme is a matter of life and death.

Now this fraud, like most, also involves money. The people who are duped by it are relieved of sums of their hard-earned cash. The amounts vary but, gauged by the huge wealth of those running the fraud, they must be very, very large.

The main problem for good, well-meaning folk all the way down to those who selfishly seek only a reward is that the fraud is perfect. When the fraud is finally exposed you cannot sue those who carry out the fraud, have them punished. This is their greatest asset. People have absolutely no legal redress. None. It is a perfect scheme. And it's gone on for centuries. I refer of course to religion.

Yes folks, when you die and find there's no heaven or paradise you can't sue, you can't cry out you want your money back or your life back. You can't even yell a tirade of highly critical words at those who tricked you because...well...dead men and women tell no tales! But don't be downhearted or angry. There is an unexpected bonus, one that is guaranteed!

Once dead, you are finally surrounded by perfect peace and no one can defraud or hurt you ever again.


The Dude said...

Interesting post, Daniel, but just one question: if life after death is a fraud as you claim where is your proof?

You have said it's a fraud, you have implied there is no heaven or paradise after death. You'll have me convinced if you can provide the proof of this.

(Note that a religious person would go a long way to getting my money if they could prove there was something 'on the other side' too. They haven't been able to do so yet but you seem very sure of your conclusions so I'm just aking for the evidence.)

Daniel said...

Hey, Dude, the enormous weight of scientific evidence is on my side.

Religious conmen and women, by comparison, have no evidence to support their beliefs, not even the tiniest shred. And after all, they are the ones making the extravagant claims and promises not me. I know that what you see is what you get. No more, no less.

Each person has to arrive at this conclusion themselves, Dude!

The Dude said...

I guess you can link to something from the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence then?

As I understand it, it would be pretty hard for either side to prove beyond doubt their case.

Lang Mack said...

Notice how Heaven, paradise and $God $$$ , all fit in so smoothly. Yeah it's old but true, Opium for the masses, and the cost to society of religion far outweighs any drug , ever.

Daniel said...

Dude, the fact is that there is NO scientific evidence that validates any aspect of religion or theology. That complete absence IS the proof.

Lang mack, thanks for your input. The opiate of the people is right!

The Dude said...

Sorry, Daniel, that's not a logical argument. The absence of proof is not proof of absence (as they say).

This does not mean that I am arguing there IS something after death because the true believers cannot prove their side either.

Your certainty that there is nothing after death mimics the certainty of true believers that there is. Both sides cannot claim proof.

Daniel said...

Hey, Dude, I've been involved in this pointless academic argument many times. It serves no useful purpose.

WeezieLou said...

what is one person's fraud may be another's truth, and hopefully both are respected.

Daniel said...

Weezilou, at the moment we have three major religions which threaten world peace: Islam, Judaism and Christianity. The fact that there are three groups promoting radically different beliefs should be enough to ring the alarm bells! Fundamentalists from each group are in a fight for supremacy either local or world-wide.

What people believe in the privacy of their homes is their business and should be respected but when groups of believers threaten world peace then surely they are not entitled to respect.