Saturday, April 03, 2010


Do you love to watch the rain?

Soft or heavy, it creates no pain.

The noise it makes is so sublime,

I seem to lose all sense of time.

I especially love to hear the rain on my corrugated iron roof. The soft drumming fills my body with peace and, as a bonus, the water tanks with water. Without rain, we humans would not exist yet, too often, we curse it.

We humans are ungrateful creatures sometimes!


KathyM said...

I remember staying overnight at my grandmother's house when she had a tin roof and feather beds upstairs where we slept. Really comfortable! She also had a cistern that caught the rain water. For some reason back then, we could draw a bucket of water up out of her cistern and drink it. It didn't have to be boiled and no one got sick from it.

A really good rain (especially a thunderstorm) creates negative ions in the air which are very healing for us humans. Waterfalls produce the same negative ions so it could be a good hobby to go waterfall scouting.

Funny you should post this just now. My sister sent me a link to a new country song that she wanted me to hear. It's about 'rain'.

rose of grace said...

When someone complains about the rain - and the only people that might have the right to complain about rain are the ones who have to walk home in it - I always point out how the trees and plants, love the rain - and my, isn't the air fresh. That causes us to stop and notice the beautiful fresh air, the happy trees and lush foliage. The former complainer always stops complaining and admits what a lovely, rainy day, it is.

Thank you David for this moment and the thought of the rain on a tin roof. And Kathy for the thought of drinking that fresh water. I think I would have a hard tome leaving this part of California. Our air comes off the ocean and gets filtered through redwood trees. Negative ions are great. Good to know they can be found in special places, not just at the ocean.

Easter, or other blessed day, peace and love.

KathyM said...

David, you pointed out that we humans are ungrateful creatures at times and that is true. I'm not a rainy day woman per se. I love the sunny days. But I learned a long time ago that I would never appreciate my sunny days if it weren't for the rain. And as I stated in my first post, I have good memories of rain. It's just that Tennessee can go through patches of weather where we don't see the sun for a week or two and I start getting depressed.

I'm not surprised at the snow cleansing that you mentioned. What could be more pure to the eyes? And not just the eyes...nature responds.. Even tho I live in this suburb right now, I still see a heavy population of birds and squirrels. They act differently when snow is on the ground.

We tried to build a snowman when we had about 8 inches of snow a couple of months ago. The snow was too dry and powdery. We tried to spray it with a water bottle sprayer to see if we could pack it but it didn't work very well. When our creation started to melt, my son looked out the window and said "mom, our snowman looks like a pyramid with a nipple on top." He went on to say "it looks like we have a big snow tit in our front yard." (A young son's view) I don't even expect a response to that remark. It just is what it is...and I find myself laughing at it..

Grace, I'm glad to know of the negative ions off the ocean and filtered through the redwoods. Nature is abundant isn't it? I bet it's beautiful where you live!

Here the snow indicates the DEAD of winter. It's quiet and crisp and everything is gray. Most of the trees have lost their leaves because there aren't that many evergreens so all looks stark and empty. But I love the springtime. And I know that spring would not mean nearly as much to me with all it's greening and budding if I had not just witnessed the winter.

Every season matters! Every one is to be appreciated. I love that I know that now. When I was younger I simply tried to get through the rain or snow or cold. Never appreciated them for what they contributed. Only in my recent years have I been able to see how important all of them are.

Elmira said...

I always love rain. It brings happy memories of childhood when we would bathe on the pouring rain...even standing under the gutter:-)

Anonymous said...

Did you write this poem yourself? It's beautiful :) Thank you for sharing. Sometimes when I'm outdoors I don't enjoy the inconvenience of the rain, but thanks for the reminder of its beauty. Blessings