Monday, March 29, 2010


These words are the most spoken across the whole world,

But how long is it before, "I Hate You," at a lover is hurled?

Love is what most people yearn for yet, for many, it seems to be hard to find. Perhaps we expect too much. Perhaps we have been fed unrealistic and unachievable dreams by silly Hollywood movies and romance novels.

Hopefully the waves of life will not wash away your love.


KathyM said...

I think you're right about Hollywood. Sometimes musical lyrics have the same affect as Hollywood. But I gotta tell ya David. It may be March 29th over there, but it's still the 28th here. (It's my birthday) and my daughter made me a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and nothing says 'LOVE' like chocolate to a menopausal woman!!!!

rose of grace said...

Kathy, Happy Birthday! Gotta love this life. There's nothing like it. ALl the best in your new year!

Funny, my word for verif. is spouse. How fitting for a post about I love you. I think I only now truly love him in a way I couldn't until we've been together all these years now. I feel loved too in a way I never did. Love can move mountains.

Elmira said...

It's wonderful to love and be loved!