Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Thanks To Playful Pete!

Friends, this is a copy of a third comment (I deleted the other two) that I received from the anonymous nuisance who ironically calls himself Playful Pete.

"Playful Pete has left a new comment on your post "Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn!":

You totalitarian fascist. You can try to censor and deny free speech all you like, mini-dictator. But the message from the United Nations that in fact 151,000 Iraqis were killed, though unpopular in your 1,000,000 death wish, was still thankfully broadcast on the ABC and elsewhere.

Loathe the mainstream media Daniel. Stick your head in the sand, and lament that your denial of the facts has seen you now cower in your tiny narrow-minded corner of the vast expanse of the internet. You change nothing, fascist. You thankfully have no effect on change in this world. And I enjoy watching you get depressed at the state of the world, totalitarian censor, as you wait for your vicious Revolution of the totalitarian Marxists.

Sucked in. May your anti-American, anti-Jewish, anti-Australian prejudice continue to provide you with gloom. No wonder you get so depressed. You hate the free world. Sucked in. Your side is losing, losing, losing. Hehehehe...sucked in."

Now it's very obvious that Playful Pete has quite a few screws loose or missing but, let's face it, there are many like him in the world. But combine the mindless fanaticism he represents with the widespread apathy that besets the bulk of humanity and it makes the role of serious bloggers, the ones who struggle year after year to try to make the world a better place, very difficult.

I guess world history clearly shows that evil usually wins, that might is always right, and that human nature, in the main, is deeply flawed and contains significant elements of cruelty, apathy, violence, depravity and greed.

I am now fully convinced that we humans, collectively, are on a very short, very rocky road to oblivion and there's nothing that I can do or say to change it.

My thanks to Playful Pete for providing me with the final bit of proof.

Photo Link.

UPDATE: 20/1/2008 This photograph, which came from The Peoples Voice, shows some children with birth defects caused by the depleted uranium explosives used by America, a country which Playful Pete holds up as the epitome of success (along with Israel). The article (Link) states that 8% of the world is now dangerous to live in because of the use of depleted uranium.

If we add to that 8%, areas of the world unusable because of the testing of atomic bombs (and potential areas where nukes may soon be used) plus regions where cluster bombs and land mines are found then we add to that total places in the world where the soil, air and water are poisoned and countries of the world beginning to be badly affected by global warming, and places where people are starving or dying from treatable diseases it would seem that Pete's capitalist, dog-eat-dog world is not quite the brilliant success that he claims it is.

But, as he says in his latest unpublished contribution, " Awww, poor Daniel, the wee 'lil Socialist...His mates and him having a good group whinge over the state of world affairs. Plasmas and luxury boats over Marxist hunger any day."


Lucyp said...

His screws are not only loose, the whole sideboard seems to be a bit creaky and leaning far over to the right if you ask me.
I rather enjoy seeing people losing it and launching into a comment rant, shows you touched a nerve of someone with an opposite view and got them so worked up they just make idiots of themselves. Like Pete has.

Daniel said...

I don't think I'll ask Pete for a reference, Lucyp!

Phill said...

Hey Daniel,I like the pistols comment your side is losing!I thought "Eureka" the man is indeed right.We have been on the slippery slope to ruination since that paragon of virtue George Bush, and in the case of our other Anglo Saxon friends Tony Blair got elected.I was going to include Howard, but the man has suffered enough,If you had to go through life with those eyebrows enough already.

Now militarily so to speak it's dollars to donuts eventually we will kill them all,Will we,Wont we? I remember the words of Bin Laden"we cannot beat the west by military means but we can bankrupt them."

And the rest as they say will soon be history.

You know getting back to Blair I always thought he was fairly intelligent, but he didn't disappoint me,because as you know he fell out with his CofE God over Iraq, he thought he'd better get a Catholic one,because as we all know his main man the Pope, talks directly to God himself.So Tony's seat at the right hand side of the new God is now assured.

Yes indeed Pete we are losing,trouble is so are my children and my grand children.And the winning side your on, is the cause of it all.

Daniel said...

Amen, to that, Phill, though poor Pete will never be able to comprehend why!

betmo said...

he isn't very playful is he? welcome to my world. we have a whole country full of them. now, that's not fair- at this point- it's only about 32%- and i got that from msm- CBS :)

Daniel said...

I guess by the time you add the crazies, the dumb and the apathetic together it makes up a very high percentage of most populations, Betmo.

annie said...

I know it all seems pointless sometimes, but don't let the bastards grind you down! Why can't those who don't like another's opinion just move along, rather than spew their venom? Poor coping skills? I see plenty that disturbs me out there on the blogs, but it isn't worth my time or trouble to fight with people who don't think like I wish they would.

Daniel said...

People like Pete don't think, Annie. His type are perfectly described in Oscar Wilde's words in my Title block. Cheers!

Granny said...

We have many more sunk in apathy than we do fanatics or at least that's true where I am. I've been a local activist and it's always sad to see how little otherwise reasonably intelligent people know or care.

The fanatics are noisy but they don't rule; at least not yet.

Lil Sparrow said...

Pete does not seem very playful to me...:(

He seems more akin to the surprises that cat's leave in sandboxes for unsuspecting children ....



Daniel said...

I wonder if your statement that 'fanatics don't rule' is really true, Granny. I think that, behind the scene, plenty of fanatics are pulling plenty of strings!

Lil, you always were a good judge of character!

Renegade Eye said...

I wouldn't have deleted his comment. He should be answered politically.

He is woefully wrong. The fall of the Stalinist states in Eastern Europe, will be a bleep on the radar of history, next to when capitalism falls.

Daniel is not a fascist. Neither are you. Under fascism it means total annihilation of the working class and progressive forces. Even a military dictatorship is not fascist,

I don't understand the remark about 1,000,000 Iraqis killed.

Daniel said...

That he is woefully wrong is understood, Renegade. But he is not someone that can be argued with! Been there, done that.