Thursday, January 17, 2008

Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn!

What's that you're saying?...thousands of children starving to death...forty years of occupation in Palestine, dying of preventable diseases and lack of clean water in warming will drown some people in the Pacific...women raped and mutilated in the Sudan...more than a million civilians killed in Iraq, wow...strong chance of nuclear war in Iran...a staph infection occurring among homosexuals...Bush might declare martial law...bird flu on the rise, well, I'll be...the Arctic icecap is melting, peak oil has come...Jesus Christ, what a stupid little strumpet! I said you're a swell bit'o crumpet!

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn! Wall Street is down again and the price of gas is going through the roof! Last time I filled my, er, our boat it cost a fortune and the insurance on the Rolls keeps rising. Get your bloody priorities right!

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Phill said...

"Frankly dear,I don't give a damn"

Indeed Daniel indeed.

You know Daniel I was watching a puff piece on the BBC or CNN last week,and it spoke volumes of what was wrong with the world.

It started with them interviewing these people that were dressed in red suits and spoke like they had a mouth of 18 caret gold plated plums.

They were all riding horses,accompanied by about twenty of these manegey looking hounds,some of which I might add,looked better than the people riding the horses.

Well you guessed it,yes they were off chasing foxes,all of the accompanying dogs I assume were to give the fox a fair chance.

It was then it struck me,these morons are part of the reason the planet is in the state it is in.

Not all that scientific to be sure but food for thought none the less,

Tallyho Daniel.

Daniel said...

Lucy would probably agree, Phill! It seems to be the case that, to allow a few people to have everything, half the world struggles while the rest starve. Doesn't seem quite fair really!

Granny said...

Whose yacht is that, do you know?

We're talking recession over here of course.

Economics isn't my strong point but even I know what havoc greed causes.

Daniel said...

Granny, the photo mirrors the opulence of the Royalty just prior to the French Revolution.

When will the masses wake up and realize they are being massively conned so that a few can 'have it all'?

P.S. Don't know whose boat it is. Sorry.

Playful Pete said...
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Daniel said...

Sorry, Playful, I'm not in the mood to tolerate your ridiculous, pro-Israeli fanaticism at the moment.

The innocent people being killed are the illegally occupied Palestinians, more than twenty of them in the last few days which include women and children.