Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Should Palestine And Iran Be Given Nukes?

Friends, while the problems between the Israelis and the occupied Palestinians continue (18 Palestinians killed by the IDF in just one recent incursion) and Bush runs around the Middle East drumming up support for a nuclear attack on Iran, the solution to these problems is really quite simple: give nuclear arms to the Palestinians and the Iranians. The logic is obvious. Bullies only attack the weak. Bullies don't like to risk getting a taste of their own medicine.

Some examples: during the cold war, Russia and America did not resort to nuclear war because there could be no winners. Pakistan and India exist in a fairly balanced way because both are nuclear armed. Korea was not attacked because it had nuclear weapons. However, Afghanistan and Iraq were attacked because they didn't have nukes. The moral of the story: if you have nukes people tend to leave you alone, even great military superpowers.

Now, if tomorrow, the Palestinians suddenly 'acquired' nukes do you think there might be a bit of a change in the Israeli attitude? Do you think if Israel knew the Palestinians could fight back with something better than a few homemade rockets that their unforgivable belligerency and brutality might change? Do you think Israel might suddenly come to the bargaining table with its tail between its legs, might be full of apologies, might be willing to make reparations, evacuate settlements, return to 1967 borders, close down checkpoints, share Jerusalem, allow right of return, release prisoners, pull down concrete walls, etc?

And what of the 'Home of the Brave'? Would they be as gung ho with their threats of more invasions and occupations if they knew that Iran could hit back at them and hit them hard? America just might pull its head in and go back to where it belongs and stop trying to turn the whole of the Middle East into its personal gas pump.

Yes, there is much to be said for giving nukes to certain groups of people. It might be the only effective way to checkmate the blatant hegemony and militaristic imperialism of certain others.

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P.S. If you are American, European or Israeli, please read this article by Paul Craig Roberts.


Anonymous said...

If they were 'given' nukes, they'd be instantly attacked, so it's not a good idea.

I believe that no one should have these horrible weapons. They should never have been used. Unfortunately we can't close this particularly evil can of worms.

Daniel said...

While I share your idealistic thought about there being no such weapons, Anony, that's not the reality.

Opposing war-mongering bullies with similar retaliatory weapons seems to seriously deter them! Cheers.

Playful Pete said...
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