Monday, January 21, 2008

Is There Another Stage?

Friends, this excellent if somewhat satirical drawing shows the evolution of the naked ape. One flaw it does have is that it shows the spear in the middle stage being replaced by the rake and the jackhammer.

As you will all realize, the spear has given way to much more sophisticated and horrific weapons which modern man has turned into a gruesome art form with exhibitions regularly held in various places in the world (Iraq, Afghanistan, The Palestinian Territories, etc).

The final stage represents me, typing away, foolishly thinking that my clumsy words are going to make a difference somehow, somewhere. Fat chance! Once the pen may have been mightier than the sword but no more.

Besides, many people no longer read. They glean their information from places like Fox News! It gives them information about the wonders of capitalism and tells them what to think as well. Two for the price of one. How generous. Ah yes, the mega-wide plasma screen indeed is a wondrous thing! Especially for immoral, mindless materialists.

Is there to be another stage in the evolutionary process? Or will the final drawing simply show a mushroom cloud? Or an empty moonscape caused by global warming? Or nothingness?

We live in interesting times!

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Phill said...

Daniel, interesting piece for interesting times.I had to follow up on your observations about "Fox News"the propaganda that this media outlet spews out 24/7 is so blatantly biased it is quite laughable.

Some of the what could best be described as compares,because there wouldn't be a journalist amongst the lot of them, in the different shows they produce,are indeed barking mad.There is one gentleman who goes by the name of Sean Hanitty who in my humble opinion is dangerous in the extreme.He is that far to the right,he makes Stalin look like a conservative.

But I had a good think about this dude ,he isn't stupid,and this is the best act on the block to the road to fame and riches, I have seen.I don't believe he really believes himself the rubbish he spews out.

One show is called Fox and Friends,now when I first had the satellite dish fitted up to the roof of my three by one,I dead set thought this show was a bit of satire,taking the piss so to speak,and to my shock horror I discovered this show was for real.

You will find no better example,(apart from a few of the drunken party's I've been to) to see grown adults with the intellect of 10 yr olds.The show is so juvenile in its content and delivery,it could double as Sesame Street.

But my favorite whipping boy is this man called Bill O' this gentleman indeed thinks he is the second coming,his vanity is only exceeded by his temper tantrums, should any one have the unmitigated gall to disagree with him.This mans favorite targets are entertainers, and actors,because they have the talent he unfortunately missed out on.

But the one thing they all have in common is they all live in a fantasy world,they think that anything that stops the world producing the plastic buckets and plastic bags we are all drowning in is evil.They believe global warming is an evil communist plot.I could go on,but the fact is,these retards do effect the political outcomes,and the power they wield is dangerous.But their brief at the end of the day,is to perpetute the myth that only the republicans and their ilk can run the world.

Daniel said...

The sad part, Phill, is that it's the most watched 'news' in America and from there it goes all over the world, thanks to that infinitely greedy ex-pat, Rupert Murdoch.

The sheeple are the result!

Lucy said...

I agree with phill that when i first glimpsed Fix News, i also thought it was a satire show because what was being said was so unbelievable. Unfortunatly, it isn't but where Murdoch is shackled to a degree by what he can get away with here via his media outlets, he has no such block in the USA and his influence can run as far to the right as it likes with the most outrageous reporting i have ever seen.
Fox news should be treated as a joke but it isn't and that is scary.

Daniel said...

Problem, Lucy, is that politicians are now in bed with the MSM, the Religious Right and Big Business!

It creates a powerful quartet, one based almost entirely on self-interest and greed for power!