Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Chaos Theory Prevails.

Lots of things are happening in the world at the moment: share markets are tumbling, candidates are squabbling with each other over who will get the Presidential nomination and may soon trade blows, the residents of Gaza are starving by candlelight, Russia has delivered more enriched uranium to Iran, an inquiry is to be held into escalating grocery prices in Australia which are higher than elsewhere in the world, there is talk of an American recession, two obscenely rich media moguls have joined together in a joint venture to acquire even more strings to their bows, a man is being charged with burying a baby alive, simultaneous floods are occurring in Australia and England with millions of dollars damage, murders here and there, road accidents, riots, suicide bombings...well, I guess you watch the news too!

Yet outside my window there is complete tranquility. Butterflies dance, birds sing, the trees gently sway, the cattle low and the sun shines brightly.

I'm going outside!

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annie said...

Quite the paradox, isn't it? I can relate. I'm surrounded by beauty, while most of the planet is in chaos.
Strange days indeed.

Daniel said...

All of mankind is a strange paradox, Annie. We combine the bestial and the sublime!