Friday, December 07, 2007

Why Can't We Change OUR World?

Friends, this peaceful photo shows a flock of sheep grazing contentedly together. We humans do not expect much from these creatures because, well, let's face it, they are dumb herd animals while we are the most intelligent species in the world.

Sheep eat, they sleep, they procreate, they give up their wool, then, eventually, they die. We can and do control their lives completely, organize their breeding mechanics, push them from paddock to paddock, take their wool when we want, send them to the slaughterhouse when we want. We control their world completely. But, sadly, we can't control our own!

The bulk of humans, just like dumb sheep, are manipulated and controlled from birth to death by small groups of powerful people who use religion, politics and wealth as shepherd's crooks.

After ten thousand years of civilization and education and deep thought we, the most intelligent creatures in the world, still can't stop wars from being fought over land and scarce resources like oil. As well, we are continuing to pollute the air, the water and the soil which we rely on for life and we are experimenting with G.M. food without knowing what the longterm implications are.

Carelessly, we have created a global environment whereby climate change could destroy our world in the not too distant future. We have created fearsome weapons that only deranged monsters could dream up and, daily, politicians threaten to use them. We have societies where there is child abuse and neglect, rape and murder, mass shootings, crime and corruption, sexual deviation, drug addiction...and on and on it goes.

Of course there are voices urging change but such people are largely ignored or attacked by the masses who are far too busy planning how to get a wide-screen television or the latest 4WD or thinking up reasons why nothing should be changed.

Next time you see sheep in a paddock realize that you are looking into a mirror. The main difference is that sheep are much nicer, far less destructive and malevolent.

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Lil Sparrow said...

Excellent points as usual Daniel!

Peace and BLessings!

Lil Sparrow

Nigel Bird said...

Hi Dan
More and more I tend to think about perspective. A lot depends upon what point of view you take. For example You may think that these beautiful sheep are dumb herd animals but wait, who really are the dumb ones. All they do,given good husbandry, is enjoy life... until there end comes but whatever means. They get given all the food they need, free medical care,free security, We on the other hand , have responsibilities,deadlines, stress, pressure, mortgages blah blah blah.
Oh course one can argue that we are higher animals with deeper thoughts seeking out the meaning of life but and especially for agnostics,There is no meaning to life! Its just here or not, there is nothing else! So if you don't enjoy it then who really is the dumb one 'clever' Human or the Sheep? Shame we evolved really, much better to eat grass and be happy!! But come to think of it, it was the goat that discovered booze, maybe they are even more clever than we think:)

Daniel said...

Hey Lil, thanks for calling and your kind thoughts.

Nigel, I was using the word 'intelligent' in a tongue-in-cheek way. I didn't know goats discovered booze. Perhaps they should get the prize!


Lang Mack said...

Patricia and Jack, my working Boarder Collies would like to take you to task re; the sheep being dumb animals. Even I will take you to task on that, get some old ewes who know the ropes and I'll show you why dogs get to be forward, shearers take to drink and cockys yell and swear in their sleep. Then theres 1st cross ewes, Merinos that lay down, Boarder Rams that travel for 'amour' , weathers that balk and bluff, feral sheep that are smarter than a fox. That's on a good day.....:).

Daniel said...

Hey, Lang Mack, I'm a small-time cattle breeder and know little or nothing about sheep (except the dreaded human kind!).

Personally, I think humans are well down the animal hierarchy, perhaps just a bit above slugs!