Saturday, December 08, 2007

Perhaps This Is The Answer!

This photograph from Reuters (Oddly Unusual) shows two robotic babies which are used to train prospective parents. The babies need feeding, sleeping, changing, etc, all the things that babies require, and they record how well things are being done.

The problem that I can see with this, given the frenzied state of our increasingly busy materialistic world, is that some parents will no longer have children but will buy robotic babies instead, ones that can be kept in a cupboard if things get too hectic. Each year, the baby could be traded in on a new, older model up until say the age of 4-6 when children are at their cutest. Then the parents could settle on a permanent couple of robotic kids which/who could be taken out on picnics or to friend's places when the occasion demands it.

Just imagine: no dirty nappies, no whinging, no crying in the night, no spilling food all over the floor, no worrying temperatures or rashes, no orthodontists, no bedroom invasions at inappropriate times, no holes in expensive jeans or dresses, no broken window panes, no complaining neighbours, no messy bedrooms, no angry or frustrated teachers, etc. Joy oh Joy!

For a modest financial outlay, you could create the perfect family with perfect children who complement your professional career and your ultra-modern glass and plastic apartment!

Of course, the next step, once the children have reached an acceptable age, should marital malaise occur, could be a robotic husband or wife.

Let's not go there! My wife might get ideas.

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Mary Walsh said...

hhhhmmmmm, is what I'll say, but I am thinking volumes....
God we can be so stupid in how we waste human talents but I must desist from my rantings.....

Daniel said...

This is the place where you can rant, Mary. Feel free!