Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Human Sunset!

ANT 1: "Lovely sunset, Darling! Let's get comfortable."

ANT 2: "Cept for that ugly boxy thing parked on our rock!"

ANT 1: "Be patient. Humans'll be extinct soon. Greenhouse gases from their SUVs."

ANT 2: "How come they continue to make them?"

ANT 1: "They're dumb of course! Now how about a bit of nooky?"

ANT 2: "Don't you ever think about anything else?"

ANT 1: "Not really! Do you have a headache?"

ANT 2: "Yeah. Must be those greenhouse gases!"

ANT 1: "May Mandible the Mighty damn all SUVs!"

Photo Link.


Renegade Eye said...

If more enviromentalists added some lustful writing in their political tracks, they'd have more followers.

Be green and you'll get some.

Daniel said...

Do you mean I should up the ante, Renegade?

Karlman said...

Daniel--on a totally random kind of note. That picture looks a lot like the Giant Buddah on the North East corner of Ko Samui. Were you there? It's where I want to retire. Or have my ashes spread...

Daniel said...

I got the photo off Google Images, Karlman. I'm not sure where it's from. Thanks for dropping by!