Thursday, November 08, 2007

Howard's End?

This sketch shows two typical voters who will give the nod once again to John Howard at the election in two weeks time.

By adopting a head-in-the-sand posture they will avoid any reminder of what has happened during the 11 centuries...sorry, years that John Howard has been serving his rich masters and himself...sorry, his fellow Australians. By burying their heads, they will block out all memory of the continuing tsunami of lies that Howard has told during his Prime Ministership, his selling of Australia to Bush for a handful of nickels, and his taking us to war in Iraq against our wishes.

As well, they will ignore the six interest rate rises since the last election where John promised to keep interest rates at thirty year lows to say nothing of the draconian Industrial Relations Laws which were not mentioned during the last election but which were rushed through Parliament without debate once Howard realized he had control of the Senate as well as the Lower House. These laws, in the main, have stripped away worker's rights, lowered their wages and made them pawns of their avaricious employers.

Howard, during this election campaign, using millions of dollars of taxpayers' money, has promised that, if he's not elected, the sky will fall, that members of the opposition Labor Party will eat small children, that interest rates will skyrocket, that nearly everyone will become unemployed, that Australia will become a Third World Country, a huge desert fit only for scorpions and snakes and we'll probably be hit by a huge asteroid!

Yes, Folks, there are many Australians like the two in the sketch. Many of them are rich. Some of them are dopey. The question is: are there more of them than us?

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Coffee Messiah said...

Depressing, isn't it? And I thought the people here who voted for our inept monkey were the only ones to think like this! ; (

How could we come so far, and yet go so far backwards in these times? It boggles my mind in so many ways! ; (

Cheers to ya!

Daniel said...

Giving the vote to everyone who achieves the age of eighteen is a nonsense, Coffee.

To vote should be like driving: you should have to prove that you have some intelligence, some maturity and some knowledge about things political before you can vote! Cheers.

Coffee Messiah said...

There's the rub.

Your criticism should also include marriage, having children......well, you know what I'm driving at.

Although common sense should be innate, evidently it's not! ; (

Coffee Messiah said...

Yikes, I also meant to say, with that thought (yours & mine) that would exclude about 99.9% of most people! ; (

Daniel said...

Watch it, Coffee, or you'll end up as cynical as I am!

It's hard to remain positive about humans when the facts suggest otherwise. Peace.

Damian Lataan said...

I could never understand why it is that we force the utterly ignorant and totally uninterested to make decisions about the way the country is run by making it an offence for them not to vote.

Anonymous said...

I think the Australian rule that people MUST vote or face penalties is an excellent one.

Now, let's see if you do any better than the ignorant Americans have done during the past seven years.

I hope you do!

Daniel said...

Damian and Anonymous, interestingly you have put forward opposing views. Either position could be strongly argued! Cheers!

Damian Lataan said...

Forcing people into a voting booth is no way to run a democracy - especially if the voter doesn't have a clue about what they are voting for. Those that are interested in making an informed decision about how they want to see a government formed end up being beholden to the ignorant and uninterested.

True, they can cast an invalid or informal ballot paper or they can even rock up to the register desk, get their names crossed off and then turn right around and walk out of the polling station. But then what's the point in turning up in the first place?

Daniel said...

By the same token, Damian, in America, they don't have forced voting and they elected Bush TWICE!

I put forward the proposition on another blog that voters should be licensed (so as to demonstrate maturity, intelligence and a real knowledge about politics).

I'm not sure whether or not this is the answer but the current situation in both America and Australia is certainly not working if Howard and Bush are the outcome.


Coffee Messiah said...

"Watch it, Coffee, or you'll end up as cynical as I am!"

Too late! ; )

Damian Lataan said...

You say Daniel that they elected Bush twice!

Are you sure about that?

Daniel said...

Touche, Damian!

The way Howard is targetting the marginals and selected voting groups, we may have problems here too with the final outcome and its democratic value. Cheers.

Playful Pete said...

A proper Howard-bashin', 'tis.

In fact, Work Choices has not
"lowered their wages" Daniel. Checked the ABS figures lately?


But as for the sky falling in, the anti-Workchoices campaign was arguably the biggest scare campaign in Australian political history. We were warned, no, we were made to be terrified, of the flood of sackings as every sub-performing worker would get the chop.

What a joke.

In fact, the OPPOSITE has happened. The unemployment rate has GONE DOWN since workchoices came in.


You see Daniel, when employers are more confident that they can get rid of someone if they HAVE TO, they will be more keen to hire.

As ABS stats show.

But they HAVEN'T been keen to sack, not when the unemployment rate is so low, with a shortage of workers in almost every sector.

Businesses don't want to lose employees when they're so hard to find.

Daniel said...

It's great to see that John Howard has one supporter left in Australia, Playful.

You and John make a good pair. You are both deluded!