Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Please Don't Cry, Darling!

"You may be an ugly zoo baby but at least you know what you are! Spare a thought for all those poor human children who must eventually decide whether to be straight, gay, bi-sexual, transvestites, transsexuals or celibate!"

As a mature adult with some intelligence and education, I still have difficulty making any sense of the world I live in. As a child however, things for me were fairly ordered, even comprehensible. There was right and there was wrong and the line between them was very clear.

I often wonder how modern children manage to cope with the continual chaos that surrounds them, with the seemingly infinite number of different choices they are faced with. They also have numbers of conflicting pressures coming from parents, teachers, television, peers, magazines, etc. Somehow they must endure all these things, somehow survive them as they stumble towards adulthood.

Sometimes adults, in their rush to justify or rationalize their own life choices or to support trendy causes, seem to forget completely about how vulnerable children really are.

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Naj said...


I thought you have blocked me out of your blog :)

I think this may be of your interest:
a new blog in the block

Daniel said...

Never! Thanks for calling by, Naj.

Nancy said...

I, too, thought I was blocked from the blog...good to see you back.

And that rhino baby is beautiful.
I do not think that there are any ugly animals on this planet except man..and man is egotistical enough to think him/herself the most beautiful! None of us can compare with a pigeon, or a cat, or a horse in beauty.

Daniel said...

Sorry to give you a scarce, Nancy. Sometimes those who run blogs need a little time out.

I agree about the baby rhino being beautiful. What's most beautiful is that it won't be dropping napalm or depleted uranium or nuclear bombs on anyone or engaging in bizarre, self-destructive activities! Cheers.

Daniel said...

P.S. A 'scarce'? Put your dunces' hat on, Daniel, before you scare people!

Worried American said...

Daniel, I hope this goes through. Blogger isn't posting my comment tonight. Rats!