Saturday, November 10, 2007

Parenting Is Not For Everyone!

Recently, in Australia, two children have been found dead. One, a two-year old boy, was found in a suitcase discovered floating in a duckpond. The other, a seven-year old girl, was found starved to death. She weighed only nine kilos! The Department of Community Services was aware of serious problems with the families of both children. They failed to protect them!

Cases like these occur the world over. Surely it must be accepted that not every adult, male or female, is capable of carrying the responsibility of being a parent.

In fact, some people should never be allowed to have children. They should be sterilized before they can inflict needless suffering upon innocent kids.

Being a parent should be a privilege not a right. It is a privilege that should have to be earned then monitored!

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UPDATE: 13/11/2007.

According to the news today, a three-year old girl was taken to hospital last night. She had been bashed in her home and had severe facial injures. Her parents are being interviewed by police.

How much longer will our society allow such criminal brutality and/or neglect involving children to continue? Answer: because of conscienceless apathy, probably forever!


Morgana said...

The ony thing that devistates me more than animal or environmental abuse is child abuse.
I am always crying(especially over your posts)........when the **** will it all end do ya think Dan?
Miss ya sweet....

Daniel said...

Ah, Morgana, spritish woman of a thousand names, that you have chosen to visit this humble site is truly inspirational!

When will it all end, you ask? Depends on who you talk to I guess.

Take care. Love and hugs. XXXXXXXXX

Morgana said...

All my names none the less Dan......Honestly I dare'nt bring another child into this world.
I long to.....It's a natural yearning yet I'm far too screwed up and no child deserves turmoil....I'm a product of it and lessons are best not repeated.

Besides, whats left to inherit?
Sometimes things go on when we don't even know about it.
Sometimes it happens to US and we deny it and go insane in the proccess.
Sometimes accepting what will be....just is.....for one reason or another.
And sometimes, when understanding is denied we just want to find the nearest cliff.
Confusion is something I shall never pass on.
I miss you.

Daniel said...

Your position is one that is being adopted by more and more responsible folk, Morgana!

To bring a child into this F@%Ked-up world is hardly an act of love anymore.

My advice: take some time out to smell the roses and forget about the negatives! Push the world away and seek peace and harmony within.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your site but please note the photographer's name for the photo you took and are using, her name is D. Sharon Pruitt. It would be greatly appreciated.

Rebecca Burns

Daniel said...

Rebecca, thanks for calling by and giving us that information! Child abuse is a big problem, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Child abuse is a problem. However, it is a hard problem to detect and due to sanctions put in place, sometimes people are too scared to intervene.

Even for a professional, certain stages are put in place before action can be taken.

Can you imagine the devastation of being wrongly accused of child abuse?

It would be devastating for the child as well as the parents.

I am not criticising your view, just adding another perspective. There is some great literature around on the subject such as 'Where has the child protection gone?' (Search on google scholar, you should be able to find it, if not, apologies)

Daniel said...

It's only a hard problem to detect, Anonymous, because there are no proper measures in place to detect parental abuse and neglect.

It's time for the State to step in and protect children and to hell with the feelings of parents and those who would excuse them!