Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Australian Democracy Under Threat!

Friends, this disturbing rather gross photograph symbolizes to me what the reality will be for Australia if, on Saturday, the Howard Government is returned to office.

The photograph shows a python that has just swallowed a whole sheep. To me it will represent the swallowing of democracy in Australia by John Howard and the Liberal (Conservative) Government and its entrepreneurial supporters.

For democracy to work:

- Each voter, ideally, should be educated, mature, intelligent, interested in politics, rational, and altruistic. How many people do you know like that?

- It also requires having a media that presents the truth about the political process, media that is objective, factual, that does not have a profit motive or is not tied in with Big Business. Know of any media organization like that?

- It also requires politicians to be honest, unselfish, to tell the truth, to admit to their failures and shortcomings, their hidden agendas. Know of any?

Shortcomings in any of these areas allow manipulation of the election outcome. To have shortcomings in all three makes a complete joke of the whole process.

Saturday is a day of reckoning in my country. I stand on a knife-edge!


Granny said...

I can't do much with your crisis from here but I do admire that snake.

I may link to it - it will fit well underneath that monstrosity WA posted the other day.

Good luck - I know how you feel.

Daniel said...

And keep in mind, Granny, that the snake is much less mean-looking than John Howard too!

Worried American said...

I fear that our snake has already swallowed democracy - and all our freedoms as well.

Morgana said...

Look... we must all understand that democracy died a long time ago. Now all we have as an option is a two party vote. That in itself is unrepresentative of the population and highly unfare.
This year, for the first time in my voting history I will be barracking(diredctly or by prefference) for neither labor or liberal.
A once strong labor voter and parliamentary representative, with strong ties and personal affiliations with Mr Garratt I see that there is no longer a thin line. Politics changes people. It silenly takes the balance,harmony and diplomacy from ppls live and replaces it with competition both within and out off the ranks. Direction is slowly eaten away by desire for power and paychecks.
I toyed with the idea of voting in my friend(environment minister mr Garret) however it was up against my sixth sence, the sickening feeling I get when I watch Mr Rudd speak.
I never voted for Howard when I thought his body language and eyes told a story other than that of his mouth so how can I do that with "my" party whan I know the same to be true?
This time around, we will not be spared by either party.
We should vote radical or not vote at all.....things are amiss I know it.
Democracy died long ago.

Lang Mack said...

Daniel, that's a large Rodent that has been dealt with by the Australian Electorate.
I told you a couple of months ago to stop worrying, relax mate. ( Mrs.Kelly has a certain charm, don't you think :),certainly charmed me, in the context of "so, people like you and your family/friends and etc; , actually exist.) I feel nausea.

Daniel said...

Morgana, I don't think democracy ever really lived. What we have is certainly not what the Ancient Greeks envisaged. I have some hope for Rudd but probably power will corrupt him too.

Lang mack, thanks for calling by. The Rodent and Mrs Kelly! Sounds like a movie title. A horror movie!

Peace to you both.

Anonymous said...

Yes! haha we won! go rud! kevin 07 kevin 07..we kicked ass hard