Thursday, November 22, 2007

Serenity - Does It Exist?

In our world, with its instant communication, it's not easy to find serenity.

With envy, I think often of rural England where people lived their whole lives in small villages. Though familiar with the local area within walking distance, they knew little or nothing about the rest of the world. For them it didn't exist.

They lived simply, were part of a community, danced around the maypole on festive occasions, perhaps walked to the next village to buy a cow or to sell a sheep and maybe they drank a pint at the local tavern once the day's work was done. Their world was small, sometimes harsh, but at least it was comprehensible.

They weren't bombarded on an hourly basis by stress-inducing news of earthquakes, floods, droughts, mass starvation, aids deaths, Wall Street collapses, bizarre murders, wars, global warming, cancer rates, slick commercials, sports results, coups, hurricanes, etc, all blaring at them from television sets, radios, mobile phones... AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

Wherever you are why don't you turn off all noise sources then enlarge the photograph and, taking in each beautiful detail, spend some time imagining yourself floating on you own in the basket of one of the balloons. There is no sound and, beneath you, a peaceful world passes slowly by as you look down from your safe vantage point.

You begin to feel detached, calm, serene, as if you have become disconnected from the tumult of the world which, for you, no longer exists. There's only the warmth of the sun, the sound of the wind, the distant cry of soaring birds. It's as if you've become weightless and free, like a cloud...

Slowly, slowly you are surrounded by peace. You breathe it in. It fills your lungs, spreads...

There. Serenity is yours.

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Granny said...

At the moment, I haven't turned off all the noise but I'm listening to lovely Hayley Westenra singing Scarborough Fair, Danny Boy, and other gentle songs.

It's the next best thing. I don't do well with absolute silence. I start listening to the committees in my head. Very dangerous especially when it turns into a dialogue.

Daniel said...

Silence is a frightening thing to many people, Granny. I welcome it more and more! Cheers.

Coffee Messiah said...

In silence, generations past came up with all sorts of thoughts and ideas that projected the world into what we call today.

More than that, the creative types actually created. In a way, for just that thought, that's a time, although very hard, I sometimes wish I had lived.

Cheers to ya D! ; )

Lucyp said...

A friend of mine, following a divorce , gave up on city life and went to live on a boat with no TV or internet and at first she loved the peace and quiet and waking up to the dawn chorus. A few months later she moved back to the big smoke but has had this inner serenity about her ever since. Maybe a complete break away from everything is the secret. I wouldn't choose a boat though, it got a bit rocky in the wind apparently.

Daniel said...

Hey, Coffee, your point is a good one. In our world people become used to non-stop noise, perhaps even come to need it. Doesn't leave much opportunity for thinking, does it?

Lucy, I lived on a boat for 18 months and loved it. It puts you in touch with nature in all its moods, the change of seasons, the impermanence of life.