Monday, November 19, 2007

The Merchants Of Menace!

These two men, Prime Minister John Howard and his heir apparent Treasurer Peter Costello, have decided during the remaining six days of the election to scare the pants off all Australian voters. Without any regard for the truth or rational argument they are both promising, hands on hearts and with serious faces, that, if they are not elected, Australia is finished. Unfortunately, some Australians will believe their incredible lies!

If you look closely at the excellent photograph, what both these men are is clearly shown on their faces. They are both grasping opportunists. They both love power and are obsessively ambitious. They both believe that the ends justify any means. They are both elitists who love the company and the favour of the rich. They are both extremely egocentric and have cutting tongues. And they are both lawyers.

But there is one major difference. The one wearing the glasses is far more despotic, has a larger store of rat-like cunning, has more a killer instinct. Resultantly he has kept the Treasurer on a leash for nearly twelve years and thwarted his ambition to slide into the top job.

To further demonstrate his power, Howard, if re-elected, has promised to hand over the Prime Ministership to his Treasurer at some stage during the next three years. So a vote for Howard is a vote for Costello: The Howardellos! Two megalomaniacs for the price of one!

Australia sits on a precipice. It may be a rich country but, under Howard and Costello, the Merchants of Menace, it has lost its soul. It is now a divided country economically, politically and socially.

Will we be saved from them and the right-wing darkness they represent?

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Renegade Eye said...

I don't think they are consciously lying. I think they believe their nonsense.

Daniel said...

Renegade, I realize that suffering George Bush has been a huge trial for Americans. But consider this, we've had to suffer the repercussions of George Bush AND the collective punishment of Team Howardello every day for 11 years! Cheers.

Coffee Messiah said...

I feel your pain! ; (

Daniel said...

I suppose most of the pain comes from the realization that many people who have the right to vote shouldn't!

A democracy can only work properly if voters are intelligent, educated and mature and have their country's interests at heart rather than their wallets.

Fat chance of ever achieving that I guess! Cheers.

Lucyp said...

We had the vote for one and get someone else as well. Seems like you might get stuck with an unelected leader, hope he does not stink as much as ours is at the moment.

Daniel said...

The record of the Howard Government over 11 years is such that its members should be put in jail instead of having the hide to present themselves for re-election, Lucy!

Bridgit Gread said...

I suppose most of the pain comes from the realization that many people who have the right to vote shouldn't!
Which is why we need a benign dictatorship that is prepared to make the hard decisions and to do what has to be done.

Daniel said...

Better I think to properly educated citizens and then license them to vote if they prove to be capable of voting responsibly, Bridgit!