Friday, October 26, 2007

The New Topdogs?

I now understand the biblical saying that: The Meek will Inherit the Earth.

Of course the meek are not humans as has always been thought but lowly, despised cockroaches. God must've been smarter than we thought when He left us with this riddling thought. Pity He hadn't made us a bit smarter! We mightn't have made such a mess of things.

For many millenia, these innocent, shy creatures, which do not bite or sting, have been stomped on, drowned, sprayed, bashed, poisoned, burned, tortured, trapped, etc. You name it - meekly they have suffered it without audible complaint.

But soon, their time in the sun...well, in the nocturnal shadows, is nigh and, after we humans and other warm-blooded creatures depart in a fiery cloud of nuclear radioactivity, they will emerge cheering from deep cracks and crevices, perhaps have a wild, debauched, celebratory party as the photograph shows.

No, hang on, take 'debauchery' out of that sentence! That's an unsavory human activity, one of many that will soon be extinct. Take out 'cheering' too. Cockroaches, to my knowledge, do not gloat!

Take out 'celebratory' as well. These insects are not known to be either egocentric or elitist!

Hmmmmmmm! Perhaps God was right!


Granny said...

The cockroach is singleminded. It's all about survival and they do it better than any other species.

I've been saying for years that they'll be last thing left.

Daniel said...

That they probably will, Granny, suggests that we humans, who consider ourselves so intelligent, are seriously deluded! Cheers.