Friday, October 26, 2007

Wars Will Rage Over Drinking Water!

A new Geo-4 Report from the U.N. shows a disastrous scenario for the world's future. In fact, some commenters say that wars will be fought, not over oil, but over scarce drinking water. The major points coming out of the very large report are as follows:

- There is "visible and unequivocal" evidence of the impacts of climate change.
- Many farming systems have reached their limits of production.
- Warmer temperatures and ocean acidification threaten food supplies.
- 1.8 billion people face water shortages by 2025 .
- Three-quarters of marine fisheries exploited to or beyond their limits.
- Exposure to pollutants causes 20% of disease in developing nations.
- Pollution being "exported" to developing world .
- About 60% of "ecosystem services" are degraded. (Source BBC).

Given this information does the world go into overdrive to reverse the negative trends which are already at a dangerous level? Are you crazy? Of course not!

What's important is to achieve even higher record levels in the world's stock markets, to make even more consumer goods, to live in ever-larger, electricity-consuming houses, to drive more powerful, fuel-guzzling vehicles, to fill the skies with more jet planes, to chop down more forests, to burn heaps more fossil fuels, to engage in further profitable wars...

Wars over drinking water, eh? How novel! Is there no limit to mankind's stupidity?

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Renegade Eye said...

I think the water problem really applies to Israel and Palestine.

Daniel said...

If only, Renegade! Besides the Israelis have no water problem. They've simply commandeered all the available water! Cheers.

Nancy said...

Umm, try the entire southern United States...most of India (the Ganges is drying up!) and especially China.

Unlike the water, the supply of human stupidity is endless.

Nancy said...

Oh, and please don't forget the entire Australian continent. You fellows have been in a drought for many years now, and Sydney is particularly hard hit...

Daniel said...

Acid rain won't be a problem anyway, Nancy!