Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ever Felt Crushed?

Friends, this photograph symbolizes just how I feel at this point in time. It is a result of me, stupidly perhaps, becoming involved with some of the big issues that confront our world and my valiant but obviously futile attempt via this one-man blog to make a difference.

I have put countless hours of my life into writing posts and comments and doing research during the last eighteen months. I have put up with abuse, insults, contempt, death threats, being blacklisted and banned, flaming, troll attacks... I have anxiously watched my hits and comments rise and fall like the king tides and suffered the corresponding highs and lows. I have argued with some of the biggest idiots the world has ever seen... Worse, I have become a prisoner of my computer.

Along the way, I have been supported by some very nice, genuine, caring people who have mostly reciprocated my support for them. They have kept me going.

However, I must admit that the unexpected conclusion that I have come to is that the problem with our world is not this person or that, or this religion or that, or this country or that, or this economic or political system or that, etc. IT'S US! We are the problem.

The flaws which create a chaotic, conflicted, dysfunctional, sick world lie within each one of us (there are of course deeper flaws in some people than in others). It's our unfortunate nature. It's how we are and nothing that I can say or do will change it. And, unless genetic engineering can modify us, it's how we will always be (at least until we destroy ourselves).

I'm now in the situation of being caught between a rock and a hard place: continuing on with blogging is having a negative, frustrating effect on me but if I close down then I will suffer also because I feel strongly that I should try to do something about the world's madness which can't be changed. Catch 22, eh?

A lot of very good serious bloggers have closed down recently. I understand why. Bashing your head against a brick wall month after month is painful especially if it obviously achieves little or nothing.

As I consider my options (close my blog or find a new direction for it) please bear with me a little longer.

Take care.

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Nancy said...

I am sorry to hear that some people have sent you death threats, Daniel. Why? You speak of peace and tolerance. What times we live in!
I hope that you are able to continue posting, maybe not as often as formerly, but anything is welcome.

Daniel said...

When you question things like religion or politics or the brutality of Israel or the war-mongering of America someone is going to get upset, Nancy.

People in the main don't like having their pet beliefs challenged or to be forced to think. Shooting the messenger is the usual response. Cheers.

Nancy said...

Oh, I got a very nasty email from someone who ostensibly posts on this site calling me all sorts of names for not thinking very highly of a presidential candidate. I think the barbarians aren't at the gate--they own the house.
Unfortunately, decent people can't take being constantly slathered with mud. That is why these awful people are in power.
So, do we object or do we do something to counter the poison, even if it may be much too late?

Daniel said...

It's a King Canute-type situation, Nancy. We can try to reverse the negative trends but its like trying to stop a tsunami! Cheers.

Granny said...

Letting you know I'm here.

Faithful reader but not always with time to comment.

Each time one of us closes down, it hurts.

We talk to each other if nothing else. I feel less like a voice crying in the wilderness (please excuse the Bible reference).

On the other hand, you must do what you must do. Believe me, I've felt the same way.

Daniel said...

I use the same Biblical reference quite often and know exactly what it means, Granny. Thanks for your continuing support and understanding!

Craig w said...


I am very aware (as are you!) of our different opinions of the value, or effects, of blogging.

I simply dont think that you will change a great deal. It isnt cynical or even giving up - simply reality. There are things you can change both at home and in your workplace. But other things are out of your control to do a great deal about. Granted, if there are 1 million like minded souls you may effect a change. But those people really need to be in the one place at the one time to make an impact.

The point is (in my view) that constantly talking about things out of your sphere of influence and worrying about what you can do ultimately wears you down.

You might not like being abused, and I can assure you I dont. That is the reason I rarely comment about things now.

Two equal and opposite viewpoints will rarely reach a concensus and usually end up insulting each other.

To live your life consumed with such bitterness is ultimately futile and soul destroying. that to my mind is the great failing of blogs and why so many crash and burn.

I hope you resolve your angst and find a solution that leaves you feeling happy and fulfilled.

Life isnt worth living otherwise is it?

Daniel said...

Your kindly comment was appreciated, Craig. To close down or to move in a completely new direction (as my most recent post reveals) are my only options. Cheers!