Monday, September 03, 2007

Where You Lead, I'll Follow!

Our little Prime Minister John Howard is beside himself. George Bush is coming to see him tomorrow.

Above, in the photograph, you see them marching on a blood-coloured carpet, both in perfect unison: one the deranged Commander in Chief of all the Galaxies; the other a nobody, a jumped-up solicitor, a would-be if he could-be.

I saw John on the television just minutes ago. He was gabbling about the importance of the Australian-American alliance. He repeats it over and over as if eventually word might get back to the White House and someone, perhaps even a clerk, might remember his name.

John is running APEC you see, a gab-fest for the pretentious, a grand photo-op, a pointless junket for 21 world leaders which concludes with a ridiculous fancy dress parade. Somehow, it's a fitting end!

Our Prime Minister thinks that the Summit will suddenly make him more important, might increase his chances of winning the coming election especially if there's violence: from protesters, from terrorists, doesn't much matter. John will use all violent incidents, even if his stormtroopers provoke them, to justify his violent participation in Iraq and Afghanistan and perhaps soon in Iran. "I'm humbly serving you and protecting you from terrorists,' he'll say and his cunning little eyes will glint.

Poor John. George uses him cruelly like George uses anyone who is gullible or stupid enough to unconditionally support him and American hegemony. John loves it!

I was proud of my country. Once!

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Monica Thatcher said...

Dan, I think we both know what needs to be done... from little acorns... so they say.
P.s. Twenty gallons of Cider on the way.

betmo said...

well, at least we have solidarity :) i have less to be proud of these days than you- but it's getting close.

Naj said...

Look like tap dancing monkeys!

Nancy said...

I have always been puzzled about this. The Australian electorate is better educated and more politically aware than the American. Yet, they re-elected John Howard.

Daniel said...

Howard has used the fear card effectively, Nancy, and last time around the Opposition leader was unelectable.

This time around things will be very different unless WW3 starts!


Lang Mack said...

Daniel, Howard has had it, at long last, Bush gone, Brown is doing what Blair , if he had the guts , should have done, now the main thing is for us, the people, to remind the incumbents that we wont put up with this sh#t again and will belt them around if they try it on.We have to be as active as we have been against the former cartel with the new, never let 'em forget that we no longer will put up with caballing ego self serving despotic forms of Government, so it's important not to relax. Especially on the net, make our views known , it's indirect ,but the buggers read it and take note.keep the bludgers on their toes, no matter what political flag they ponce under.

pissed off patricia said...

I feel bad for you having bush over there this week. Hide all the pigs, he'll eat them. Hide all the ladies, he'll grab them. When he's gone let me know and I'll come over and help you clean up after him.