Friday, August 31, 2007


Boats from the savage sea are home.

Nestling close they whisper 'bout storms survived,

Huge waves that toss and foam.

In harbors there's warmth and tranquility

For wheeling gulls, brave sailors and masted craft.

But where is peace for you and me?

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Lang Mack said...

Ever observed a cow chewing it's cud, a dog asleep with it's head on the bosses foot, a baby asleep with it's thumb in it's mouth, about five minutes just after the sun has gone down, when the wife goes shopping with her girlfriend and you've got all day to potter about :), a Trout laying behind a rock to stay out of the current, have a beer after a long day, listen to Harry Manx with a glass of red, there's more.

Monica Thatcher said...

Dan, I can tell you one thing. I was caught in a force nine gale in the English Channel in a 36 foot Motor ketch because of a broken prop shaft. The only sensible means of escaping alive and making any headway being a tiny Mizzen sail as anything bigger would have meant certain capsize. Eight hours tacking past sand bars only exposed as the huge waves removed their cover, many over forty feet high and at times dropping through thin air into some of the troughs. The deck house glass smashed by the pressure shocks! Just to travel 11 miles... As we finally managed to round Hawich and enter the Orwell estuary ending up at Pinmill sailing club. I can categorically inform you that Tranquillity does indeed exist. The Saying 'Any Port in a storm' has never been the same since!

Daniel said...

Lang Mack, your thoughts are priceless. Peace.

Monica, I spent a lot of time building, sailing, living on yachts. I never had your experience but almost.

The ocean can be a scary place. But so can terra firma. Cheers.

enigma4ever said...

where is peace and tranquility ? I used to spend alot of summers in Florida, the Gulf Coast on an Island....and the storms that would create havoc, almost violent, intense thrashing of the island....and then the next day the beach would feel cleaner and powdery white...and beautiful shells would roll up on the beach....and the air felt cleaner and there was much on the beach for the gulls and plovers to dine on.... walking after the storm was so quiet....calm...peaceful....

Anonymous said...

In ones own mind, or the surrounding that we create for ourselves?
My answer(since I'm about to attempt it) is a little bit of both, yet never complete tranquillity if you care about what happens in the the 'outer world'.
I agree with monica.....have had times like that at sea and in life...makes you appreciate the calm, before and after,the storm.
Nice post, Dan.

Daniel said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Neo.

Sometimes, while fighting against injustices, it's possible to lose sight of tranquility and peace and become stressed. The post was as much for me as others!