Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Question Of Scale!

Friends, the image shows George Bush and John Howard meeting privately at the APEC Summit. George is looking benignly down on John who, as befits his miniature status, is adopting a submissive posture. Later, George, at a press conference, licked John all over (slobbered all over him might be a better description). John's tail wagged majestically.

These two members of the world's biggest militaristic hunting pack did make some arms agreements. Apparently Australia may get some access to secret U.S. arms technology and there is talk of even more military co-operation and even the storage of American military hardware on Australian soil. I don't know why we don't just hoist the Stars and Stripes and be done with it!

George also made loud barking noises about his happiness with John's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan (which was in spite of strong opposition from most Australians) and expressed his belief that John could win the coming election from behind (although John, as the image clearly shows, is keeping his behind well hidden as if he senses danger close by).

George also mentioned John's courage which, though it has been untested in a war zone thus far, is clearly evident in the image.

The APEC Summit is underway! I'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

That analogy is unfair to Great Danes and Chihuahuas, who are very nice dogs.
I would not name a dog after Dubya.

Monica Thatcher said...

It seems wherever you go and whomever you ask that the people of Westernised cultures view there leaders actions as ludicrous. Unless of course they are members of the leaders parties. Kind of ironic in a democracy supposedly elected by the people. Doesn't really say much for the people. What it tells me is that given a big enough budget, fools can hire highly effective marketers to convince the people that they are the bees knees. Another example of why money is the root of all ills. So part of the Utopian policy has to be the establishment of a moneyless society where sharing is the norm.
I was learning about the Anuta Islanders of the Solomon Islands last night and how there whole culture is based upon sharing. They are one of the most remote people on Earth and looked to me one of the happiest and well balanced people I have ever observed. They live on a tiny island and manage to flourish using only what they have available. There whole way of life it appears sustainable and based upon a Permocultural type system. Bill Mollison, one of the founding fathers of permoculture has engineered a modern science based sustainable system which in my opinion could well be the model that a Utopian society would use, reinforced with sharing and barter just like the Anuta tribes people. So Daniel we need a permoculturalist on board, I have studied it to some extent but not nearly up to date enough. Bill Mollison was an Australian as it happens, one you can be proud of.
It's Interesting to note that there is an increase in farmers markets over here in the UK that allow Barter instead of cash!

Daniel said...

I think the word 'progress' has been used to sell us a crock, Monica! Progress has established a system to advantage a minority of people at the expense of the majority. Today I'm going to establish a framework that we can hang the UTOPIANS cause upon.

As with everything I'm doing I want it to be a group effort. After all that is the whole basis for my vision of UTOPIA. People happily working together because they can see it's for the common good. Cheers.

bluegrrrrl said...

NICE, Daniel!!!
The pic says it all!!!

Daniel said...

Great to see your name, Bluegrrrl. Hope that means you haven't given up blogging entirely. Cheers.

Monica Thatcher said...

I'll spend some time spreading the word. This is going to be such a ride.