Tuesday, June 19, 2007


That someone will hold you close and cover you with unselfish love.

And that you will pass it on.


Anonymous said...

That's exactly what we try to do in life.... 'pass it on'.

Daniel said...

Sadly, we seem to pass on some undesirable things too, Desert Peace!

Anonymous said...

Lovely Dan.
I find it wonderful that the woman wears an Ankh as an earing. Do you know much about it's meaning?
I wear one to symbolise my being given title 'high priestess' but it's meaning is far more important.
It is made up of two parts. At the bottom is the Tau cross representing the male element, and the god Osiris. And at the top is an oval which represents the female element and the goddess Isis.
The two parts together represent sexual union and the immortality of the gods.
In ancient egypt Ankhs were placed above doorways to bring luck and long life to the occupants.

I'm so pleased your back! Maybe this Ankhs will symblolize bringing good luck to your blog from now on!!!!


Daniel said...

Thanks for your informative comment, Neo! I have luck on my blog when people like yourself visit!

Dan. xxxxxxxxxxx