Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Thanks to Reuters we have a photograph of two world 'leaders'.

On a score of one to ten how would you rate them for: intelligence, vision, leadership, wisdom, courage, peacefulness, humanity, sensitivity and depth of character? Will the world be poorer for their passing?

How many world leaders can you think of that are that much better than these two?

Why is it that, all too often, the dregs of humanity rise to positions of great power and influence rather than people like Gandhi or Martin Luther King?

Do we deserve the leaders we get?

P.S. This post is offered on a trial basis. The ice is still thin!


Playful Pete said...

I'd say they're okay.

Certainly more legitimate than the thugs, despots and dictators who impose themselves on their populace without any vote at all.

That makes these 2 leaders x % better than x number of totalitarian 'leaders'.

Playful Pete said...

Though it must be said that Guliani and Mofaz could be expected to perform admirably should they respectively be re-elcted one day soon (hopefully).

Neo said...

Because most people want a leader who improves an economy so they can make more money or give them bigger tax deductions!

The qualities that you mentioned are not valued anymore because in general people don't aspire to becoming those things themselves. All they aspire to being is either rich,famous,or thinner with larger breasts.
Then the other majority are too concerned about how they are going to feed their family, that the bank is comming to repossess their home, that they don't have any money for the power bill and that their husband beat them again and blew all his wage on the pokies.

People are preoccupied with their worries, they were trained to behave like that by governments for many many years as they are easier to control.
Free thinking and free living is the enemy.


Daniel said...

I would have thought that 'thugs, despots and dictators' together with 'fools' would've described the two in the photograph very well, Playful!

Neo, it's nice to get one a sensible comment anyway. xxxxxxxxxx

mary walsh said...

Gosh I was just about to have my evening meal but seeing those two is enough to spoil it....

Warmongering "leaders" of death and destruction....Anyone has to be an improvement on Bush!

I'll try not to think of them as I eat...I don't even see them as fools - just evil men bent on killing those who disagree with their method of governing! Hyprocrites!!!

Coffee Messiah said...

Neo is correct on all counts.

Sadly there hasn't been anyone worth a hoot since the 60s, at least so we'd all know.

I know there are people we can never know in most communities going to great lengths to right the wrongs of those in power!

Sadly, there just isn't enough to canvass the World.

And no, these fools will not be missed, and neither will their deeds, such as they were! ; (

Worried said...

To Playful Pete: Bush seeks to become a totalitarian leader, or pave the way for successors to become totalitarian.

To Daniel: How do they rise to the top? At the risk of being vulgar, may I say that feces floats! Seriously; tremendous campaign war chests, speech writers expert in the art of psychology to mind bend a gulliblke public, A lying, deceitful candidate capable of appearing earnest and likable (before he is found out).