Wednesday, June 06, 2007


This photograph shows the Yangtze, the third biggest river in the world and one of the most polluted. Daily, human waste, chemical waste, fertilizers and crop poisons are poured into the river, the water of which is now undrinkable and is killing all the fish.

By contrast, this photo shows happy people involved in planting trees in part to try to make up for the deforestation, erosion and loss of oxygen that is taking place all over the world.

The point of the post? One very large, very greedy, very stupid group of humans is quickly destroying the world while, simultaneously, a much smaller group is trying to repair the damage. The outcome of this imbalance is predictable!

And we humans dare to call ourselves intelligent!


Damian Zerek said...

You have to watch this a very creative anti war protest by American Army vets. They bring home the horrors of war to NYC (New York City).

Daniel said...

Damian, thanks for calling by. To tell the truth, I guess I've given up on the human race.

War will never stop while there is profit and power to be made from it. Neither will pollution and the poisoning of our environment. Those things, along with divisive religions, are destroying our world as well as any chance for peace.

The philosophical picture in the previous post seems to me to be the only answer that I can see regarding the difficult quest for moments of human happiness!

Live for today...

betmo said...

hunker down and start growing your own food- seriously- go off of the grid as much as possible- i am. good luck daniel. hope you will still make the rounds of comments. b

Coffee Messiah said...

Nice to have met you through the ethernet Daniel!

I certainly understand and know how you feel.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts from your part of the World!

Peace to you and yours! CM

bluegrrrrl said...

Daniel--I'm so sorry to see your site closing down!!!
Maybe you just need a break, recharge the batteries...
I hope to see you around from time to time!