Friday, June 01, 2007


This picture was taken at a news conference where George Bush made the announcement that he is fully behind, not another country, settle down...climate change.

At the conference, he wore his sheepskin jacket, the one he uses to 'blast 'em outa thar holes!' and he actually looked earnest even though the media were falling about laughing while a few animal activists waved NO TO WEARING ANIMAL SKINS placards.

George's complete change of position was recently echoed by John Howard which seems strange given that America, Australia and Kazakstan are the only countries not to sign the Kyoto Protocol.

Some unkind people might think that John's face is the one shown above that of The Decider. Others of a cynical inclination might think there is the thought of memoirs and/or elections on both of their small minds!

Methinks I smell a rat!


betmo said...

it's the stench of evil.

Daniel said...

The 'stuff the world as long as I make money' attitude is more one of profound stupidity than evil, Betmo.