Friday, June 01, 2007


This is what America, Britain and Australia have brought to Iraq. It was taken just after a suicide bomber killed more that twenty people in Baghdad. If the uniform was different it could also be a picture from the West Bank taken just after another missile attack. In fact it could be a photograph taken from many places in the world.

Friends, wherever you are, be very thankful that you and those you love are not in this terrible situation. Speak out against war and injustice strongly on your blogs but do not carry the guilt for it within you.

The guilt lies elsewhere: among Politicians, Directors and Shareholders of Multi-national Companies, Religious Fundamentalists, the Ultra-rich and the Sheeple who allow the forementioned to rule.

(P.S. Thanks to the Peace Tree for the photo, one which can be enlarged to better capture the expression of terror on the young boy's face.)


Liberal White Boy said...

Yes but aren't the twenty dead better off than they would have been under Saddam. And if the people of the West Bank would just recognize Israel don't you think the people of Israel stealing there land, water and everything else would pick up stakes and return to their other stolen land in Israel. I think you let the electorate off a little easy here.

Daniel said...

Iraqis better off now? No!

LWB, I'm not sure what your second point is meant to be. Cheers.

Damian Zerek said...

Since the end of Saddam tens of thousands of people have been killed, tortured, and beaten. Saddam may have been harsh and the like... but they were better off under Saddam than now.

In the Palestine-Israel conflict and occupation it is no longer a matter of accepting the existence of the state of Israel it is extreme hatred in certain people of power and military/paramilitary (for Palestinians) that perpetuates violence. Furthermore, Israel is in breach of the Geneva Convention and should be condemned for it by the Western World. Israel has also ignored 60+ UN resolutions regarding it!



Lucyp said...

I think liberal white boy was being sarcastic. Hope he was anyway.

Daniel said...

Damian, I believe the figure is well over a hundred!

Sadly, Israel clearly demonstrates what can happen when extreme religious belief is allowed to possess the human mind!

betmo said...

reads like sarcasm- but it is so true. i think people who believed saddam had wmds and stood by this 'president' should feel guilt and shame. of course their kind never do. peace in our time daniel.

Kvatch said...

My predominant feeling on our Memorial Day was shame. We (Democrats and liberals) were duped once again by our leaders.

It's sad, and I'd like to say that it shouldn't happen again, but it probably will. Nonetheless, I'm dedicating myself to a new initiative. I'm going to make it my personal mission to see that Nancy Pelosi, our House Speaker is unseated in the next election. She's proven she can't lead, can't implement the will of her consitituents.

Daniel said...

Should feel guilt and shame but won't, Betmo!

Pelosi has been a huge disappointment, Kvatch. But then, she's a politician after all!