Thursday, May 31, 2007


"Norwegian Fjord."

A new ranking of 121 nations of the world on the basis of their peacefulness or lack thereof has created some interesting facts (Google the above title to get all the figures).

Consider the following placements:
Norway = 1
New Zealand = 2
Australia = 25
Britain = 49
America = 96
Israel = 119
Iraq = 121

Notice where the Coalition of the Killing sit. Nowhere near the Gold Medals for Peace, eh? And Israel is little better than Iraq. And, as everyone knows, Britain and America and Israel make lots of armaments, don't they? Seems to be some sort of connection there!

Norway and New Zealand! Might be worth moving.


Naj said...

Hi Daniel

Thank youf ro your kind comment < blush >

I thought it's funny that Iran and US are so neck-to-neck 97 (US); 98 (IRI)!

Daniel said...

But isn't America supposed to stand for freedom and democracy and human rights while Iran heads the Evil Empire? Beats me, Naj!

No said...

I think I'm moving back to where my great great grandfather came from so many years ago. (Norway)...I bet he wondered many times why he came to America in the first place.

Daniel said...

Norway is a beautiful country, No. I loved it. Cheers.

Mariamariacuchita said...

Heard they are both beautiful. This doesn't surprise me.

pissed off patricia said...

Everything I have heard about New Zealand was very positive. I know a guy who has a son living there, he loves the place and does not intend to return to America except for a visit now and then.

Lucyp said...

I just blogged about this. Scandinavia has all 4 countries in the top 10. I wonder what the secret is??

Daniel said...

Lucy, wonder if it has to do with their generous welfare system?

Patricia, New Zealand does have some issues re whites and the Maoris. I lived there for a year and it is a beautiful place especially the South Island.

Maria, welcome aboard the Ark!

betmo said...

they would then wonder why everyone was moving to these beautiful, peaceful places and ruin them. let's just keep it to ourselves- shall we :)

Daniel said...

I won't tell anyone else, Betmo!