Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This beautiful photograph by Kevin Thom is called 'Tranquility' (click to enlarge). Would that we could all feel such peace, eh? But we can! It hides within us just waiting to be found.

However it is buried deep under all the crap imposed upon us by families, by education, by materialism, by theology, by governments, by the rich and famous, by society, etc.

Start digging today!

P.S. Friends, thankfully I have my computer back. In keeping with the Ark idea, the first post hopefully sets the tone. Your input into our Ark is welcome as is a guest post should you care to make one (just email your post to me and as long as it helps the Ark and its passengers to stay afloat I'll put it up). Any ideas for future topics that could or should be explored are also welcome.

Spare a thought for Steve at Desert Peace (see Special Links). Here is a courageous, compassionate man in Jerusalem who is on a mission to try to achieve peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Please give him your support.


betmo said...

holy crap!! :) that's a thankless task. would it be that there is peace around the world in our time. steve is a brave, brave man. hopefully not easily disillusioned by greed in the name of holiness.

Damian Zerek said...

I have been away for some time now! And the world has not changed one bit for the better... nor has it when I was active! I have a feeling of apathy towards the problems in the world in a sense that how can I change it and these little steps don't seem to get very far! But I am angered by fanaticism, injustice, killing for religion, hatred, greed and plain brainwashing that exists in the world. I have been called a commie a few times for presenting pacifist ideologies. Others ignore the hope for peace and continue their hatred. Humans are ingrained with the hatred of years past and the propaganda in our media. Muslims become the spawn of Satan... Israel's evils become miracles and holy deeds!

It is all too much for me to take! But I realize that the fight for justice must be continued or else we will fade into oblivion!

Damian, a friendly neighborhood blogger that is hoping for peace and understanding in the world!

Daniel said...

Betmo, Damian, there won't be peace in our time or any other time because the economies of the world, in harmony with human nature, are set up for war and conquest. The only peace you'll find is located inside yourself.

Accepting that reality then closing yourself off from the world periodically while focusing on enjoying the little things of life is the only answer.

Create an ARK inside yourself!

No said...

Hmmmm..noticed something in the news today about Russia and testing of new a new missile...what is that about?

Great idea about the arc. Thanks for the invite.

bluegrrrrl said...

THANK YOU for this pic, takes my breath away. tranquility indeed.

will check out steve's spot...

Granny said...

I dropped over and said hi to Steve.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for those especially kind words Daniel.

Coffee Messiah said...

Thanks for sharing the link.

Like most, it's humbling to go outside yourself and actually see those here in the US living on the street, sleeping in the doorways, lighting up with any interaction, while others turn away in disgust.

If we can't treat all our fellow human beings with respect and dignity, no matter what the circumstances (it could be us) then we aren't worth the space we're taking up here on this little blue planet. ; (

Anyway, Cheers!

Daniel said...

Thanks for the positive comments, my friends.

The Ark, which belongs to all of us, is already beginning to fill with compassionate and caring peacemakers. Working together we will surely survive the coming storms AND we may yet make a positive difference!


Damian Zerek said...

I just hope that the peace can last longer than any other peace that has existed so far! For now I feel the presence of fundies and hatred surround me. They applaud at the senseless murder of muslims, not even considering them humans for a second! Seems a lot how Hitler and his goons considered the Jews! I am disgusted at this world! But it is nice to know that there is a place of refuge (even if it is on the internet) for people who want peace, justice or that elusive utopia.



Daniel said...

I love those decent, caring, generous, altruistic bloggers who want better for the whole world, Damian. There are only a few of us and, usually, we don't get much recognition.

This blog now exists solely to give support to bloggers who genuinely care about the world and things like justice and equality AND who desperately crave peace.

United we stand!