Thursday, April 05, 2007



The past is gone forever!

Nothing therein can be changed,

Not even a moment.

The future is unknown and,

For all you know, this might

Be the last day of your life!

Be mindful of the present therefore!

Treasure each precious moment and,

Should memories press for recognition,

Suffer only happy ones to enter your mind

Lest your present, which is all you have,

Be robbed of its joy and tranquillity.



pissed off patricia said...

That's beautiful, wise and oh so true.

bluegrrrrl said...

Very nice...serene...

Enjoy your break!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I'm going to assume you mailed a copy of this wondrous truth to all of our Congress, as well as the white house, right?:)

Great writing!

SCOTT said...

Hey Daniel,
I hope that your holiday from the madness is a wonderful respite from it all. Enjoy yourself and be LOVE, I know you are as it does exude out of your blog regardless of the subject matter you deal with here. I hope you are well and relaxed when you return.

L. Sparrow said...


Daniel said...

Hi, guys and gals! Thanks for your good wishes and nice comments about my little verse.

I've put it on one side of my Desktop photograph to remind myself daily not to get too involved with the dark side of our world and its troubled people.

Break was great but, of course, I missed you all. The world is still here it seems despite the rumours of nukes at dawn. Perhaps they decided that Good Friday was a rather innapropriate choice!

I'll try to get a post up later on today when I catch up with the world and its worrisome news again.

Then again, it might be better not to know the news and simply create a nice little world for me and you to live in, one divorced from reality. It's a hard choice!