Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Friends, I will be away for the next week or so beginning this Friday. I'm finally getting the holiday I was supposed to have at Christmas when the bushfire threat arose.

It's time for fishing, having fun, relaxing, and pretending that the troubled world doesn't exist.

Take care of yourselves until we meet again on Seeking Utopia or at your place!


P.S. The photo is where I wish I could afford to go!


Lucyp said...

Have a good break and who knows, things may have changed when you get back.

Naj said...

Have a great vacation.

We promise to keep the world just as it is now till you come back :)


Anonymous said...

Finally your break is here! TERRIFIC! You promise me you will have a great time ok....oh and if you are up this way, just get a hold of me and I will give you my address so that you can pop in and say G'Day!

Will miss ya!

betmo said...

have a wonderful time! :)

iMuslim said...

Take care, Daniel! You deserve some down-time... we'll keep an eye on the place for you, while you're gone.

Damian Zerek said...

Have fun on vacation.

*presses the World Pause button on remote control*


Daniel said...

Thanks one and all! It's great to have such wonderful friends. It makes life so much better. See you later, alligator!


Anonymous said...

Have a great holiday! You will be missed...
There are places like the one in the photo here in Israel... come visit and we can go together!