Saturday, March 24, 2007


This photograph shows Anca, a Romanian, who was trafficked for prostitution.

In many places in the world, everyday, large numbers of children and women are trafficked for prostitution or for forced labour (read the full article on Reuters). They are to all intents and purposes slaves despite the fact that slavery was abolished centuries ago.

The slaves are destitute children picked up off the streets by kindly 'Uncles' or 'Aunts' or they are sold into slavery by their impoverished parents. In other cases, teenagers and young women or youths are tricked by evil people with promises of a new life in another country. When they arrive at their destination their passports are seized and they are kept under lock and key and forced to submit to prostitution. Being unable to speak the language they are easy targets.

The kind of people who would traffic children and young people are despicable. And those who use them as slaves or prostitutes are nearly as bad.

The death penalty should be automatic for human traffickers. They are vermin!


Damian Zerek said...

Humans, although the most intellctually advanced, are willing to destroy others for their own profit... YUCK!

I have been falling behind in my bloggin because of browser difficulties makes my posts look really unreadable.

I hope to be back soon! Cheers!

Daniel said...

Don't stand between most humans (the well off ones) and a twenty dollar note, Damian. Hope your problems resolve quickly. Cheers!

betmo said...

i would say the same about the users of slaves too- but i would settle for a lengthy prison term. supply and demand doncha know.

Daniel said...

Fair point, Betmo, although, in some ways, the users of trafficked humans are worse than the traffickers.

Boy, aren't we humans a great lot?