Saturday, March 24, 2007


Fifteen British sailors in two boats like these, said to have trespassed into Iran's territorial waters, have been taken into custody by Iran. This incident could be the one that will give the needed excuse to attack Iran with nukes.

As you read this the Navies of America, Britain, Australia and even France are patrolling in the area (and who knows who else?). The American navy has several nuclear armed battle groups of aircraft carriers on high alert and, of course, the air force of Israel has been preparing for a nuclear attack on Iran for months.

What an easy way to trigger a crisis: send a couple of boats into Iran's waters, let the crew be arrested, then simply pull the nuclear trigger.

We live in dangerous times. Not everything is necessarily as it might appear!

The Goodies may actually turn out to be the Baddies!


No said...

It is so transparent from the way you describe it..why do we allow this? Is it all just for the almight dollar?

betmo said...

it's funny that you should say that- i was talking to my mom about the very same thing. hopefully iran doesn't bite.

Daniel said...

Yup, No, it's just for the almighty dollar and just so that those who already have wealth can get even richer. Human greed has no limit.

I think, Betmo, that what Iran does or doesn't do is immaterial. If it suits America and Israel's regional interests to attack with nukes, they'll just do it! Cheers.

Naj said...

naaah they won't bomb Iran over this. they sent over some spies, and Iran arrested them! Simple.

the soldiers will go back home, and will be raving about great Persian food and hospitality :)

I am happy that Iran DID arrest these dudes in Iranian waters. This sends a clear signal that these criminals cannot bully Iran out of its international rights to self determination and territorial integrity.

betmo said...

yes naj- but these people are difficult to stop once they have an agenda. i was hoping that the conservative idiocy would die out eventually- i still hold out that hope. probably not in my lifetime though sigh.

dining_philosopher said...

Meanwhile CNN, the Jewish mouthpiece is trying to get US out of Iraq and into Iran. The machine at work!