Thursday, March 22, 2007


This young woman, an American Peace Activist called Rachel Corrie, was run down and crushed by an IDF armoured bulldozer in Rafah on March 16th, four years ago. She, though slight of build and only 23 years of age, was trying to stop a Palestinian house demolition. That such brave and principled people exist in this troubled, selfish, warring world is uplifting.

It makes up for the brutal, immoral, criminal behaviour of those whose minds are possessed by a fanatical religious madness, one that blinds them to the barbarity of both their ambitions and their actions.

For forty years the world has allowed Israel to trample all over the Palestinian People, allowed them to kill and imprison at will, allowed them to take Palestinian land, allowed them to starve and brutalize civilians including children, and said little or nothing.

For forty years the State of Israel has rejected all criticism as being anti-Semitic, has unconvincingly tried to play the 'we're victims' role, has ignored countless UN Resolutions and most International Conventions.

Rachel is dead along with thousands of other innocent people and the Palestinians are still under brutal occupation.

Has she died in vain? It seems so.

P.S. A powerful play based on Rachel's diaries was moved from opening in New York because it was felt that Jewish patrons might be upset. Who is running America?


Anonymous said...

Aghh....thats horrendously sad. I know the fear of standing infront of those terrible things too!
poor girl :~(
There is no bloody justice in this godforsaken world.

Daniel said...

There is justice sometimes, Zoe. When the Israelis finally get theirs, it will make the holocaust look like picnic! xxxxxxx

Coffee Messiah said...

Unbelievable! ; (

Daniel said...

Much that happens in our world is unbelievable, Coffee. And it just gets worse! Cheers.

Lucyp said...

I remember this story very well and the resulting verdict that found her at fault for being in the way. Very sad.

betmo said...

i think that i am on the verge of despair that the human race isn't going to wipe itself out. i suppose if i had figured out how to fix things- i would have at least gotten the nobel peace prize- i mean rush limbaugh got a nomination why couldn't i? looking at the big picture- our young people- since time immemorial- have been sacrificed on the altar. reasons are usually war or food which directly ties into a few wanting to control everything. america and israel are the bullies on the block this go round- it will be middle eastern and asian folks this next go round. it never ends- the only difference is- the west will be on the receiving end.

Anonymous said...

OK before I say this, I'm really not mocking Rachel or the play... "DAMN! I'm going to be in NYC in a week and would have given my left nut to see that play."

To where did they move it?

bluegrrrrl said...

Who is running America?

Fascists, dictators, and liars. Oh, and moneygrubbers too.

Daniel said...

You could have added cut throats too, I guess given the number of civilians killed overseas. Cheers.