Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I found this rather sad picture on Coffee's great blog. Case you missed it I thought I'd share it with you. It was taken in 1917 and shows an Indian Chief praying to his God accompanied only by the horned skull of an animal. Can you imagine the pain in his heart?

The Great Spirit it seems was of little help to His people once the avaricious white man came with his guns. Those few American indians who were left from the many once great Indian tribes (like the Sioux, the Cheyenne, the Blackfeet and the Apaches, etc), lived with poverty and disease on miserable reservations. Their happy hunting grounds were long gone along with most of the buffalo. A whole, proud people were largely eradicated (genocide). Ironically, hapless slaves were brought from Africa to provide cheap labour for the plantations. Perhaps the Indians were lucky!

America, like Australia, has a history that, in some areas, is nothing to be proud of. But the desire, using force, to take from other people their land and resources (imperialism) is still a potent force in the world.

Imperialism now hides under the guise of 'fighting terror' and 'spreading democracy'! The more things change, the more...


Worried said...

Thank you, Daniel, for your comment on mine and Granny's blog. We can always depend on you for encouraging words. We do get discouraged at times but friends like you help keep us going.

I love this post. May I copy and link to it on one of my other blogs? for reply. On that blog I have a number of posts re: the treatment of the Native Americans and their culture, specifically my Cherokee ancestors. But their maltreatment was echoed amongst all the tribes; some fared far worse and continue to be exploited and abused.

No said...

Great post, true..imperialism is alive and well in both of our countries.

Daniel said...

Worried, the white man, in some aspects, is, and has always been, pig-ignorant and devoid of compassion or sensitivity.

No, Australia, as yet, hasn't started invading and occupying other countries. Under Howard, it merely apes Bush hoping to get unspecified rewards. But with Timor and the Solomon Islands, perhaps there are signs of imperial beginnings. Cheers!

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