Thursday, March 15, 2007


This happy snap from Reuters shows a Sadhu, an Indian holy man engaged in a religious ritual in the Ganges, one that is designed to bring good luck to the Indian Cricket Team.

His body is lean and weather beaten as a result of his meagre, austere lifestyle yet his face shows real joy and happiness.

Perhaps he has found Utopia!


betmo said...

or dysentery. :) religion apparently brings some people joy. my thought is- this guy doesn't know any differently so he thinks his religion makes him happy. maybe it really does.

Lucyp said...

I think we could do with some of that for England's team. A miracle or two would be nice but i will setlle for just not getting tonked by Canada or Holland.

Daniel said...

I think there's a message in this photographs for all of us, Betmo!

dining_philosopher said...

His rituals are not bearing fruit...India just lost to Bangladesh!