Thursday, March 15, 2007


This wonderful, poignant photo (thanks go to Zoe) is all that remains of Delphi, once an important town in Ancient Greece. A pile of stones, a few columns, evidence of foundations; all the rest has succumbed to time and weather. Once people came here to hear the Oracle of Delphi issue grave if somewhat obscure pronouncements about the future. How accurate the Oracle was is unknown.

I have stood in Delphi four or five times throughout my life and, in the quietness, wondered about many things. The only certain thing that can be said about the future is that no certainty exists concerning the future whether our own or that of our world.

Friends, life is for living. The past is gone and cannot be changed, not even the slightest thing.

Have no regrets then but eat, drink and be merry while you may for tomorrow...?


SCOTT said...

Hey Daniel, I have been busy lately, and just returned to cyberspace,, and find this post,, very apt.
Life is for living!
The Eternal NOW is all we have, so make each Moment count I say.
In my life long studies of religion, the paranormal, and such, I have been fortunate to discover what I think is the key through a Buddhist type outlook of being ever Present in each moment and trying to be as AWARE of your environment as possible, LIFE IS GOOD even though it may look horrible if you just view human stupidity, but there is beauty all around, and even amidst the pain, this beauty can be found, nurtured and built upon. This is the "Good Life"
Let the dead bury the dead!

Hope you are well

Mary Walsh said...

Daniel, at a personal level it is all well and good to tell us to eat, drink and be merry because tomorrow (may not come?) but on the balance of probability, tomorrow (or the 17th on March) will come somewhere in the world.

It is on this assumption that we work to try and make the world a safer place for those who come after us, namely people we love, the children recently born and yet to be born will live in a world created to some degree by the adults that surround them.

Mother Nature is always a force to be reckoned with, but man, by comparison wrecks havoc in people's worlds - by design.....

Designer drugs, designer war machines, designer germ warfare, designer droughts and famine...we human beings actively work at designing physical and mental circumstances geared to maiming and destroying others....

But there will always be good forces to counteract evil - it is the nature of man....

I tend to travel from my armchair, but even so, I too look at ancient and magnificent ruins and wonder what catastrophe has wiped the people away.....

Could George Bush be a reincarnation of a previous disaster? Who knows?

We may well eat, drink and be merry because we know that by not not being part of the problem, means automatically that we are part of the solution.

Mary Walsh

Lucyp said...

Life is for living because you are a long time dead. Great words and so very true.

Daniel said...

Living is what I need a little more of. The windmills are too strong! Cheers.

Davo said...

Windmills? Nah, everything is blowin' in the wind. Um, what were the words from that magnificent musical some time in the past, sung by Richard Kiley and Joan Diener ..

"My Lord, you are not well."
"Not well! What is illness in the body of a knight errant,
What matter wounds,
For each time he falls he shall rise again,
And woe to the wicked .."