Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Unfortunately, when God or Dog made us, He gave each human one of three different types of eyes. Why He did this I don’t know. He and I are not on speaking terms. And why only three? Call it caprice, call it mischievous, call it cruel, who would know but Him.

The three types of eyes He selected from differ greatly but they are easily identified. How? Just listen to the views expressed by the owner of the eyes. The three types are:

1. A few people have got eyes that see our conflicted, crazy world very clearly. This creates lots of problems for the owners because trying to change the many injustices and wresting power from the evil ones generates lots of worry and stress and angst.

2. Quite a lot of eyes, perhaps most, see very little of the world and verge on selective blindness. They can manage to see clearly as far as their wide-screen televisions (where trivial chat shows and commercials and sport prevail) and the bar at the pub but beyond that everything is a blur. This means, outside their homes, they have to be constantly led which suits manipulative politicians like Howard and Bush and unscrupulous advertisers and entrepreneurs right down to the ground.

3. Some eyes, perhaps many, are very special, almost magical. They see exactly what their owners want them to see (often in black and white). They can even see unbelievable things that don't exist like wonderful, functioning, altruistic democracies like America; humble, self-effacing, God-fearing folk like Howard and Bush; the intrinsic goodness of capitalism; the many blessings that poor countries happily provide (like cheap materials and labour); the wonders of cluster bombs and depleted uranium explosives and nukes and torture; the orgasmic joy of nuclear weapons...

Other things, nasty things like the plight of the Palestinians or that most of the world's people are starving or live in poverty, and kids are dying from lack of proper drinking water or cheap drugs...things like this the third group notice on occasion but that's the way the world is (shrug), life wasn’t meant to be easy (yawn) and besides, if poor people don’t have white skin then it's tough luck and really has nothing to do with them!

The comments in all blogs show clearly which people have which eyes. Sometimes I think I should trade mine in. Being selectively blind sounds good sometimes!


No said...

Yikes...I hope my blog isn't categorized as number 3!

Daniel said...

This is not about blog authors, so don't worry, No! I don't put category three blogs on my Links. Cheers.

No said...

whew (wiping brow)..

Coffee Messiah said...

That's quite an observation and so true.

I've often wondered why I am not able to visualize the other two ways????

betmo said...

i have tried to be number 2- and i just can't be number 3. once the scales fall off and you are freed from the mind control- there's no going back- much like the mythical adam and eve.

pissed off patricia said...

The eyes that see the most suffer from what they see and I think that's why others chose to see nothing because it's less painful and so much easier for them.