Sunday, March 25, 2007


People who qualify to be called insane:

1. People who would start a nuclear war merely to gain control of oil or land or political or militaristic or economic advantage.

2. People who believe that some fictitious entity called God has selected them to be His chosen people.

3. People who think that making profits is more important than the destruction of the global environment.

4. People who think that they belong to a race which is superior to all other races.

5. People who imagine that their race was destined to rule the world.

6. People who believe that they, and what they want, has any real significance in the scheme of things (after all, one person compared to six and a half billion is small cheese).

7. People who believe in something invisible and totally unsubstantiated called God, life after death, paradise and heaven, angels and hell.

8. People who think that greed, cruelty, selfishness, dishonesty, and licentiousness are virtues.

9. People who think that abusing children and exploiting the weak and vulnerable is merely part of the game of life.

10. People who demand that there should be no rules governing human behaviour, no right or wrong, and who insist that good and evil and depravity don't exist.

Can you suggest other clear signs of insanity?


betmo said...

well- i don't know- you seem to have covered most of the personality disorders of the dsm- what is it four now? :) unfortunately, you have accurately described most of my native land as well. we apparently need a better psychiatrist than pat robertson and james dobson (see the ted haggard story) and lord knows we as a nation are already medicated enough.

Coffee Messiah said...

That's quite a list and just about covers most signs "of" I'd say.

Sadly. ; (

iMuslim said...

I would... but according to number 7, i'm completely doo-lally! So i'm afraid all i can come up with is some insane ramblings:

Wacky wacky wooooooo!


Mr Flibble says: Game Over, Boys!

Daniel said...

Betmo, surely not all your native land!

Coffee, thanks for dropping by!

Imuslim, the term doo-lally is very interesting and glides off the tongue easily. Take care now.