Monday, March 26, 2007


During my religious period, I often used to sing the beautiful hymn about Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus.

Aljazeerah has provided us with an typical scene in the town in 2007 as a Palestinian is attacked by a savage dog while three brave members of the Israeli Defence Forces, armed to the teeth and looking full of menace, join in.

John Howard, the Australian Prime Minister and a Christian, has received three prestigious medals from Jewish organization for his dedicated support for Israel and this kind of daily brutality against the defenceless, occupied people in the Palestinian Territories.

America and Britain, both Christian countries, have also continuously supported Israel both materially and morally during their forty years of disgusting, violent, spirit-crushing, land-grabbing occupation and genocide.

Spare a thought for the hapless Palestinians who suddenly had their land taken from them by strangers without recompense to make way for another group of cruel, fanatical strangers who have dominated them without mercy.

Surely they deserve better than this!


betmo said...

one would think.

Anonymous said...

Occupation, repression, disenfranchisement: Our legacy in the Holy Land. I used to be quite the supporter of Isreal in my youth. Now I just feel ashamed.

Daniel said...

I was the same, kvatch. We all got taken in by the 'poor little Israel and all those terrible Arabs' propaganda. By their works ye shall know them, eh?

Betmo, that forty years have gone by is an indictment of the whole world.