Sunday, March 25, 2007


Though I'm an atheist, I experience a strong calming influence whenever I see a statue of the Buddha.

I have no rational way to explain this although, knowing the story of the Buddha as I do, I feel that he did indeed discover a unique human form of temporal peace which is clearly reflected in his image.

I have also found in my travels that Buddhists are peaceable, generous, happy people, unlike adherents of most other religions.

I hope that you find peace somewhere, somehow, sometimes, my friends.


betmo said...

speaking of peace- how's yours coming? not that i am complaining- but i thought you were taking a rest? i tried to once- sigh. i even hung a sign on the blog- be back later- but i couldn't stay away. i feel like i am needed right now- whether it's true or not- and that there is a bigger cause that i am driven- yes driven- to combat. is that a sign of insanity? perhaps i am in the wrong post :)

Coffee Messiah said...

Although I never logically thought about it, but have the same experience and have a few "buddhas" to prove it.

Oriental and Native American, being one with, etc, etc has always made more sense than anything I've been told growing up.

Daniel said...

Betmo, I am making some progress. I find I really do have to shut the world off sometimes otherwise it all gets rather overwhelming but walking away from it altogether, as for you, is not really an option.

Coffee, it's strange isn't it? Never has peace been captured so thoroughly.