Sunday, March 11, 2007


Dear Friends, sadly this photograph seems to represent 'America Nouveau', a once admired democratic country now run by a fascist dictator called George Bush and an elite group of his fundamentalist Judeo-Christian, capitalism-worshipping friends.

America Nouveau, a military superpower, having swept aside its democratic foundations and ignored the wishes of most of its people, is currently engaged in the invasion and occupation of oil-rich countries in the Middle East. Two have been taken down. Iran is next cab off the rank, one that might well involve nukes.

America Nouveau, caring nothing about international laws or conventions, or the sovereignty of other nations, or the grave concerns and protest of the international community, or the deaths of unknown numbers of innocent civilians, is using the pretext of fighting terror (whatever that means) to engage in a blatant grab for world military dominance AND major control of important world oil resources, one that has seen no equal since Hilter in 1939.

The country that helped to beat Hitler is now, it seems, emulating Nazi imperialism and tactics!

Interestingly, the eagle, that brutal king of birds, has symbolic links to both regimes!

The irony is monumental, the implications dire!

(Thanks to The People Voice for part of the photograph).


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"One man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter." Our American eagle is either a fierce competitor....or a wicked predator. It's all in how you see it.

Daniel said...

Which way do you see it, FWY? Or are you a bit ambivilent?

Kvatch said...

The country that helped to beat Hitler is now, it seems, emulating Nazi imperialism and tactics!

Really? I've tended to view it more on the British Empire model: "Make the world America!"

Daniel said...

Not according to the number of comments I get claiming that Bush is a Fascist, kvatch!

Playful Pete said...

So America is now "run by a fascist dictator called George Bush".

1.) Is the same "dictator" about to step down in a year and a half?

2.) At the next ELECTIONS?

Has Fascist morphed into a new definition these days?

Daniel said...

Hey, Playful, why don't you change your title to Naive, Behind the Times, Pete?

Why don't you catch up with some American blogs, see what Americans are actually thinking. There are some in my Special Links. Cheers!

Playful Pete said...

Look, I reckon that blogger No (an American) is on the ball here.

Lets discuss (attack, defend) the policies, not the man. There is a minute place for hyperbole, but overdone it tends to diminish the impact of one's own argument.

There'll always be a range of policy opinions along the spectrum (me with Republican, No with Democrats, yourself neither?) that'll see the majority of us not fully agreeing most of the time, but that should provide enough bulk as it is, without having to wade through the hyperbole. I mean, after all, a "Fascist"?

He'll be gone soon, folks, and your nightmares will be seconded to either Hillary (or Obama),or Guilliani (or McCain).

By the way, interested to know what the collective views are on these 4 candidates...

Daniel said...

Pete, the term Fascist is all over many American blogs. I wasn't the one to coin it. By way of evidence, on Aljazeerah yesterday, an American, Maria Allwine, wrote a letter to a Judge. I'd like to you read this letter if you would (the Link to Aljazeerah is in my sidebar).

I have read many comments, not only on my blog but on the many American blogs (which I constantly visit and comment on) about the deep fear many Americans feel should they protest the actions of the despotic Bush regime.

If we're going to have a sensible conversation then you need to get up to speed with where the world is at. It doesn't exist in some elementary textbook of political theory as you seem to think!

Besides, we face the threat of a nuclear war. Perhaps you haven't noticed?

Playful Pete said...

Must agree with you there, it is rather gruesome and worrying.

When I first heard the Iranian Madman proclaim his genocidal objective to "wipe (Israel) off the map", I thought I'd misheard. But his follow up that it will be "destroyed in one storm", was all too clear.

I do wish he wakes up and goes down the path chosen by Gaddafi in Libya. One can only hope!

Daniel said...

Hey, Pete, you finally agree with me on something! The Lord be Praised. Hang on. An atheist can't say that. Anyway, I'm going to buy a lottery ticket.


Playful Pete said...

Hehehehe, I wish the Big Guy would grant one of those little things. It would be a 'dream ticket' indeed.

The wonders that one could achieve with it....(including each person's own personal ability to help needy kids. Then again, invest, double it, and be able to help twice as much!).

Daniel said...

Ah, Pete, the capitalist spirit surges onward, ever onward! Cheers!