Saturday, March 10, 2007


"Giuliani struts his stuff!"

Photo thanks to Reuters.

Looking at the American news as presented by the MSM (the Main Steam Media), one could be excused for thinking that the most important issue facing America was the next Presidential election. Forgive me for asking but isn’t that almost two years away? Why then is it splashed continuously across the print media and on the idiot box?

There are a few other issues around that some people might consider important: the escalating but failing war in Iraq, the threatened nuclear war against Iran, Bush threatening to veto the Congress should it try to stop his ill-conceived, obsessive warmongering, the suspension of the Geneva Convention and Habeas Corpus, the use of torture and imprisonment without trial, the astronomical America debt, electronic spying on Americans, global warming...!

Instead of dealing with those issues, life and death issues, we are presented with a heavy diet of television interviews and chat shows and polls and all manner of political gurus and pundits each one trying to evaluate the future Presidential prospects on both sides of the aisle. Will it be, ‘Hillary or Obama? God help us Mama!’ At this point in time, who gives a damn?

Surely the most important topic that should be on the top of the media agenda is a serious discussion of ways to depose George Bush and his gang of Neocon Outlaws before he brings on WW3 and a nuclear meltdown. Once that is achieved, the next vital objective should be to set up an Article Five Convention so that the American Constitution can be changed to stop any future President from taking America and its democracy down and assuming the role of a despot.

As well, the Article Five Convention should amend the Constitution so that all politicians are stopped from becoming the willing pawns of Big Business and Religious Fundamentalists! After all, they are supposed to be in Parliament to represent the voters, not themselves AND all those self-interested groups who have great wealth and/or supposed connections with some God!

Now to the most important question of all: why is the very distant election dominating the MSM? Could it be that the Media Barons, the one who are in bed with Bush because he strongly supports their empires of greed, are creating a diversion, a distraction, a ruse to take the American mind off the tragedy that Bush has brought upon them?

And secondly, why are the Democrats pushing the Presidential election agenda so hard when it’s so far away from the time the elections are to be held? Are they trying to divert attention away from their failure to control Bush even though they hold both Houses? Are they trying to hide their own disgusting complicity with Big Business and religious lobbies both Christian and Jewish?

It appears to me to be another example of the old axiom, the one used and abused by all rulers: Give them bread and circuses. In plain words, they, the peasants (that’s you and me), are so stupid that silly diversions of any kind will occupy us, keep us out of mischief, keep us from asking questions, and, most importantly, keep us from taking action.

Friends, to be treated with such contempt is contemptible. American politicians, media owners, company directors, media barons, multi-national companies, billionaires, etc, all enjoying the immense fruits of power and wealth under Bush, are treating us with contempt. We are being fed bread and circuses.

Perhaps it’s time we ended the Bush circus and demanded more than bread from our self-appointed masters.

It is our right!

P.S. Why not join FOAVC (Friend of the Article Five Convention), a group of concerned Americans that is trying to get the Constitution changed so that the current disaster will never reoccur. Their link is provide below. This article is cross-posted on The Peoples Voice.


Coffee Messiah said...

As mentioned previously, this is all smoke and mirrors, to keep the public in a fog, and to not keep up on what's really going that affects them in their own world. ; (

Thankfully, for those that care, there are many different avenues to get news, although one must invest some extra time in doing so.

Davo said...

One has to wonder about american "democracy". At least in little old Aust any average bloke from the suburbs can end up as Prime Minister (am not going to expand on that .. heh).

The price for a bed in the White House is $US40 mill .. or more, or something, or so i've heard.

Daniel said...

Coffee, with the internet no one has any excuses when it comes to being well informed (though sometimes, given the news that surrounds us, it might be better for our health not to be informed)!

Davo, great comment! In America, as in Australia now, money buys everything! Hope your scene has settled down and life is again treating you well!

DesertPeace said...

Hi Daniel... thanks for the invitatin to visit your blog... I was impressed and will be linking it to mine.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"King making" has long been the sport of our MSM. Their other sport has been tearing down those kings. Interestingly, Bush is not among that crowd...for reasons I don't understand. Next to apathy, the MSM is our greatest threat to our election process, for THEY decide who will be "front runners", then we pick from there. A sorry state of affairs.

Daniel said...

The media in Australia has the same power unfortunately! Cheers!