Friday, February 16, 2007


"This eventually could be you! Or me!"

"The power of the executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to the law, and particularly to deny him the judgment of his peers, is in the highest degree odious, and the foundation of all totalitarian government whether Nazi or Communist." -- Winston Churchill.

"I will protect you," said the Wolf smiling: From Little Red Riding Hood.

I came upon the first quote while reading The Peoples Voice (highly recommended) and it jumped off the page at me (the second quote seemed to follow naturally). Of special note is that Winston, whose name our Prime Minister borrowed, only described two forms of totalitarian government: Nazi or Communist. Both of them took rights away from all citizens to grab and maintain total control.

But now, ironically, we seem to have new forms of totalitarian governments springing up where strong democracies once prevailed, namely in places like America, and to a lesser extent in Britain and Australia. Governments in these countries (but there are others), using the 'We're fighting Terrorism' mantra, have suspended laws which guarantee human rights and the protection of the Courts.

Not only have they done that but they are now in the business of: setting up concentration camps like Guantanamo Bay where some people have been kept in cages for more than five years without charge (David Hicks); employing extraordinary rendition where people are secretly moved around the world to countries which allow extreme torture; routinely using coercive measures like waterboarding and sleep deprivation which are a form of torture; denying the right to march without a permit so as to restrict protests; illegally spying on citizen's emails and phone calls and bank accounts; using banned weapons like cluster bombs; refusing to keep records of civilians killed in countries they have invaded and occupied; fabricating evidence to justify such invasions, etc.

What can we call these new Totalitarian-leaning Governments who use Red Riding Hood trickery? Democracy-Defiling Fascists (DDF) seems to be a fair description . What about Fascists Undermining Citizen's Trust/Tenents/Traditions (FUCTTT)? Perhaps you can think of better titles.

More important than titles is that citizens must vigorously protest the erosion of their rights or before we know it, we'll be living in a totalitarian world where devious, rightwing extremists like Howard and Bush and Blair, while craftily espousing democratic slogans and, at the same time, fomenting endless wars that play on their citizen's fears, will reign supreme, untouchable!

Oh Brave New World!


SCOTT said...

The sad part of this developing trend towards an Orwellian 1984 is the fact that Huxley's Brave New World is being utilized to the fullest by our own governments to dissuade any ripple of protest by most citizens.
They are pounded with 'entertainment' that numbs the mind and saps the soul of any chance to think critically about what we are doing to ourselves.
Being that most here in America enjoy a standard of life that is far beyond the norm of the planet, the Sheeple don't wish to upset the applecart to much if it means that they might loose an SUV or a HDTV sitting in there Martha Stewart living room. Then there is the fact that they are overworked and don't know it,, they slave two or more jobs to feed, clothe, and house the family not seeing that part of the problem is the hook line and sinker that attaches them to the Beast that would eat them.
It is more than not seeing the forest for the trees, it is drugged and hyponotised complancency that keeps the Sheep in check. I hear way to often,,,'but What can you do?" meaning they recognize they are 'helpless' to fight the "Powers that Be" in part because of their own Apathy and complicity. Some go to jobs that they know are harming the environment, poisoning our foods, encroaching upon civil liberties and overreaching a governments bounds,,, but hey,,, gotta pay the bills they think.
A revolution of Consciousness is Needed FIRST.
Then we can gather momentum to Overthrown the Shackles we have placed upon ourselves.
I am thankful that I am NOT ASLEEP, like the majority, it is a sad and disappointing position to be in, but at least I can see the Train coming down the tracks before the big Wreck that is coming.

This is not meant to imply I have lost hope, even if I say this with melancholy and dispair at times.
But the Brave New World is Here,, and I plan on NOT PARTICIPATING!!
Sincerely and with hopes of Mass Enlightenment on this Situation.

Daniel said...

We can but live in hope, Scott. Problem is that with nukes involved the train wreck could be rather a big one!