Saturday, February 17, 2007


Dear Friends, I have an apology to make. I've been boring you all this time with weighty issues like war and inequality and religion. But, according to Reuters today, the real blogging action centres around sex blogs.

Yes, Friends, while we've been talking about doom and gloom, excitable, free-wheeling, extroverted people are using the internet to expose not only their bodies to the world but accompanying the photographs with graphic accounts of the most intimate details of their sexual adventures. No, apparently not a single groan or moan is left out! No squeaking spring is ignored. Every coming and going is elucidated fully, every tremble and fumble.

With this in mind, I am faced with a dilemma: should I give up tilting at windmills and, instead, reveal to the world myself, in toto, buck naked and in a high state of arousal, in colour prints? Should I write cascades of naughty words which titillate and stimulate? Or, if you prefer, I could make a video.

I might have trouble persuading my partner to participate of course. She is not given to public spectacles. But come to think of it, neither am I! And a high state of arousal might not be easily achieved either, because, well, you know, age shall not weary them and all that rubbish.

No, upon reflection, perhaps I've missed the sex blog boat. Damn. Ah well, perhaps I should be happy. It's all rather tacky really, even sad. Surely somethings are best left private, best treated with a degree of specialness and mystery.

Will a photo of us fully clad and having a cup of tea in bed suffice? No?

Too bad!


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I fear the sex bloggers will receive no support from these quarters as well. But then, I've never grasped the concept of pornography, either. I just don't understand why I should look at something contrived when I have the real (and better!) thing right here at home.

Windmills, Ho!:)

Daniel said...

I guess sex bloggers must be missing something somewhere along the line, FWY.

Sexual union between adults, viewed totally objectively, is...well, shall we say, rather distasteful and messy! But, when consummed by sexual lust, there's nothing better! Grrrrr!

I'm sure I've said enough! Cheers.

SCOTT said...

I am all for having some sex once in awhile,, but Porno has never held much for me either.
Sex sells,, so if you want to be making money,,, instead of effecting minds as you are here,, 'tilting windmills' then have a go at it,, if you are half as good at it as you are here on this blog,,,, I would visit!!!

Zoe said...

Shock Horror! How nieve am I, didn't even know that was going on!

You could always do the John and Yoko thing......Campaign for peace FROM bed! Kill two birds with one stone, Dan! : )

Zoe xxx

Daniel said...

Scott, I think I'll continue on with my current mission however hopeless. The 'ins and outs' of pornography don't really interest me especially the heavy stuff!

Zoe, too many people die in bed!

Peace and xxxxxx!

No said...

You know, I have to admit, I am sort of intrigued by pornogoraphy because it's just so strange how people can just whip it off (or up) for strangers...

How bizarre!

Thanks for the tasteful photo...I appreciate it..much better than pornography and much more erotic.

Daniel said...

Unfortunately, NO, many people do not understand the difference between erotic and disgusting. I had to plough through some pretting nauseating stuff to find the above photo.

Thanks for dropping by.