Saturday, February 17, 2007


"A U.S. Marine from Iraq on his Wedding Day."

Photo Source: Sabbah's Blog (click to enlarge).


SCOTT said...

I recently saw this couple on a TV show and was in awe of this persons courage in the face of such trauma. And the fact that he holds no bitterness is either Sainthood or pure Military Madness, I am not sure. The poor girl looks as if she is still in shell shock herself in this photo,
May the Powers that Be see how they scar their children.
War, what is it good for? Absolutely NOTHING.


Daniel said...

The photo is a powerful indictment of all war, Scott.

Of course, none of Bush's kids or relatives (or Blair's or Howard's) will ever look like this that's for sure. Cheers!

SCOTT said...

No , but with Prince Harry they will say, 'See, we are fighting too.'
It will be interesting how this plays out. He might actually get in some 'fighting' time, ''just like the Kings of long ago''

Daniel said...

Yeah, Scott, probably from the drawing room in Buckingham Palace and while drinking tea in fine china cups!

P.S. I'll put up a link to your blog but which one of the three sites did you want shown?

Gracie said...

Tragic beyond my comprehension. It's so sad........... terribly sad.

PS - I hope you'll take a moment and read here