Thursday, February 15, 2007


Dear Friends, below is a comment which I posted on another site yesterday. It partly expresses how I feel at the moment. What it doesn't say is that I am encountering the stinging truth of my own words that: He who tells the truth will rarely be popular.

The truth, no matter how obvious, will always upset this group or that, this person or that, and it will invite retaliation and abuse from some and indifference from others. Yet surely truth, however unpalatable, is the only thing that will save our world.

Perhaps our world can't be saved! Perhaps it can only be endured.

My Comment: "Craig, the real problem is that there is a total disconnect between the fierce debate and reasoned argument that takes place on blogs like this one (and five million others) and what our Masters do. We talk a lot (some of it hot air) but they make the decisions, they steer the direction the world goes in whether it be for better or worse.

They have worked out how to manipulate the democratic system that, ironically, is supposed to reflect our needs and aspirations. They, the politicians, the MSM, the Churches and Big Business are in a large, comfortable bed and they are stroking each other affectionately and vigorously. It is an unholy, incestuous, powerful alliance, one that rivals the royalty of old. So much for the French Revolution!

Once again we, the people, have become peasants (albeit educated ones), the hapless majority who, for centuries, have been both manipulated and used and abused by a small, elite minority.

Sometimes I feel like giving up. "


Lucyp said...

You have that exactly right, big business has far to much say in Government policy.
The word Democracy is bandied about but it is only a label, we are nowhere near being a democracy.

SCOTT said...

I too have reached the Nihilist worldview that expresses this plus, "there is no meaning to the drudgery of life". It is easy to succumb to this feeling of just giving up, I express it in my desire to become a hermit and disappear into some wooded wilderness (if there was such a lonely isolated place to 'get away' alas that too is gone)
The Powers that be our 'Masters' have made themselves a comfortable bed to lay in indeed, it is fortified and far removed from prying eyes, and our feeble attempts to get a better life for the 'common' people. At times it is like we are all versions of Oliver Twist saying, "More Porridge, Please." and that is about what we get,,, very little for a huge amount of work.
Basically I believe the "Powers that Be" in control, the Churches, State, Multinational Corporations and Militarys are the Parasites of humanity which one day we might collectively have the sense to DeLouse ourselves from and be rid of the old world view that we need some King, or Church or Military strong man to 'save' us, and protect us,,,,, from whom??? Well it is them, and their own kind we have been seeking protection from, but the Sheeple don't want Self Responsibility or Individual Autonomy, they actually desire Servitude as is witnessed in the words they use,, for example in the churches,,, Our Lord, Master, or 'of the Flock' and the Lord is my Shepard ,, this is nice in many ways, but ultimately I believe it is programming to make us servile and submissive to Ceasars who would kill us in a minute if it benifits their own Profit/Prophet or sense of Power.
I wrote a blog a while back which I called the Sunset of Humanity and I announced my intent to secede from the madness of this belief system.
I try to find ways daily to disconnect from their Web of insidious Deceit and Destruction.
It is not an easy path, but I will be damned if I give up.

So, hang in there and know that others are in spirit with you, yes we may be floundering with no real direction to which we can divorce ourselves from these Parasites,,, but I am thinking,,,,, you are thinking,, and others are too,, and One day,, hopefully soon,,,we will figure out how to rid ourselves of these diseased world views which control, not uplift us to a state of real Humanity.

Power to the People,,

ninglun said...

We've had our differences, but don't give up. I quoted Bill Moyers yesterday: "...the salvation of democracy requires a public aroused by the knowledge of what is being done to them in their name..." Each of us in his or her way is working on that. I guess you'd have to say the French Revolution isn't over yet.

Daniel said...

Scott, Lucy and Ninglun, I do appreciate your kind words. Month after month I keep plugging away but I see so little achievement for my effort. I feel as though I'm trying to move Mr Everest with a plastic spoon!

Tilting at windmills is a very apt description for people like me; and perhaps you. We want better things for the world, we want life to be richer, more fair for everyone, but the reality is that that's not how the world is.

Seens to me that we still live in a jungle where the strong dominate.
Perhaps we always will!

Chimpy McHitlerburton said...

I'll be constructive here, Daniel, no polemics.

Consider the Steven Covey concept of a 'Circle of Influence': there are expanding rings from you, like ripples in a pond when you drop a stone in, that represent your degrees of influence on the world. Building greater rings and influence farther away from your immediate actions depends on time and the strength of the rings closer to you, just like in a pond.

I would suggest your (and Scott's) nihilism is founded on your frustration an being unable to effectively project 'rings of influence'. Nations like America or social/political institutions like capitalism and islamism gain the ability project influence through long and sustained ring building.

The issue with so many on the Left like yourself and Scott is that you rail against the strongest institutions that Western civilization has built. And you do it haphazardly as individuals. How can you expect anything but defeat? The Progressive Movement's most successful effort, Soviet tyranny, still failed to defeat the West. Progressive movements other than Communism, like Fascism, also failed. How can a virtual mob of individuals hope to do better? It can't.

So, I would suggest stepping back from the brink of 'the world is dying and only I can see it' nihilism and instead focus on what can you do to make the world better in your first ring of influence. Find that you make progress and then step to the next ring, and then the next, until you find there is a momentum to your circles. You find other people start 'surfing' your expanding rings of influence adding strength where you can't possibly reach. Ever get frustrated with that guy at work that always gets ahead and seems to influence the right people? You're witnessing expanding rings of influence, with surfers hoping to bask in a bit of glory.

That is my parting comment, Daniel.

Best of luck.


(PS - if this ring of influence thing has sounded convincing, then consider the strategic advantages, in terms of world influence, of the US invading Iraq. Of trying to introduce counter-Islamic institutions like Liberty and Individualism into the inner circle of Islamic influence. Global Jihad must necessarily weaken as the inner circles weaken.

Changing the way that Western democracy functions is a long row to hoe (it's over 2500 years in the building after all) and fruitless raging against the machine won't cut the mustard. But will provide the base satisfaction of I-told-you-so self assurance.)

Daniel said...

I didn't mind your polemics, Jeff. It was the way you deliberately combined them with your superior, ad hominum attacks that got up my nose. Anyway, I guess you had your fun.

But, sadly, all you really succeeded in doing was to spoil what might have been a mutually beneficial relationship.


Worried said...

Daniel, re: your post - Hear! Hear!

Thank you for the view of another piece of the Don Quioxte painting

Coffee Messiah said...

The more the corporate greeds divide, the more they conquer.
It surely feels very dire here in the US, but, pockets of people are fighting the system, and, although slow, perhaps one person at a time will slowly amass into something even corporate greed can't divide any longer!

Daniel said...

Worried, thanks for dropping by. Glad you enjoyed the new Don painting.

Coffee, I've always maintained that capitalism carries within it the seeds of its own destruction. I might even do a post on it today.

Take care, my friends.

Daniel said...

P.S. I just noticed I've incorrectly typed in ad hominum above instead of ad hominem.

Ah, 'tis human to err.

P.S. They really should have a spelling checker on the comment box as well as a bold option!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Sometimes I feel like giving up. "
We all do at one time or another. A charge for a just and fair world will always make enemies, simply because of the huge number that do not want anything remotely close.

But I've found, that's when you find out how much your values and beliefs, represent you, and how much is just words. Take a break, take a rest, catch a breather. If you're true to your'll be back, simply because the entrenched human desire for survival won't let you quit.

Daniel said...

Thanks for your kind words, FWY. I guess, in common with most human beings, I respond better to positive rather than negative thoughts.


Zoe said...

Don't you DARE give up ya silly bugger! What would I do without you now,eh?
I second what scott said and agree with the ripple theory also. You have essentially done that with us, your friends, Dan!
And the following grows.....
Zoe xxx

SCOTT said...

Chimpy may have misunderstood my comment on having 'reached the point of nilhilist worldview' I said I had reached it before but didn't say that I am stuck with that worldview at all, except that I do carry the thought that there is 'no meaning to life, except what I make of it' if that can still be regarded as nilhilist.
Steven Convey's concept of "Circle of Influence" is Old Hat to people like myself whom hold a holographic - magickal worldview which recognizes how influence works in the 3D world we inhabit. I have consciously been working with this model for well over 25 years and utilize it to its fullest when appropriate. The Notion of Meme's and Tulpa's comes to mind and how Virus's of the Mind really work is paramount to dismantling Distopic models set in motion long ago by 'well intentioned' humans. This is not as simplistic as Chimpy wishes it to sound.
As far as Railing against the "strongest" institutions that Western Civilization has built. Well if the history proves that the models are inept for the times we live in, then dismantling and rebuilding New more effective models is something I hope others would explore. Just because something sounds good in theory, practise is what counts, and unfortunately for all the good "Western" civilization has brought to us,, I only have to turn on the TV (which is mindnumbing programing) to see that Western Civilization has failed and we are here left to pick through the trashheap of history and find alternative ways to continue to the future.

As far as focusing on what I can do to make this a better world. I do this daily with much INTENT of Purpose and forethought. I understand fully my own 'personal' sphere of influence and choose my words as wisely as possible in each moment. Personally I have chosen to work with Animals as my lifework as they are less inclined to wage war upon me than my fellow man. Humans have alot to learn from the lowly animal, and Chimpy may need to find a more Symbolic Name as I do believe he may be degrading a whole species with his moniker.
No offense meant by this reply, just thought I might clear up a few misconceptions about myself.


Daniel said...

I suppose I see the Middle East drifting towards Armageddon and only a few people seem to care, Zoe. I do what I can but it seems so insignificant and I want to do more but what? I get frustrated sometimes.

Thanks for your kind words. xxxxxx

Daniel said...

Scott, thanks for dropping by. Your words have much meaning.

Whether they will to 'Chimpy' is unknown for he hath returned to the dark forest.

SCOTT said...

Chimpy might remind one of the story of the Crocidile and the Fox,
The Fox thought that his stories and platitudes towards the Croc would endear the Croc to the Fox,,
But when it came down to Show Time and the Fox convinced the Croc to take him across the river,,, the Croc did what was only his nature to do,,
He ate the poor trusting Fox as he reached the shore.