Tuesday, February 13, 2007


"Raising the flag over the planet?"

A very worrying thought has occurred to me. It arose from trying to understand the unexpected but general malaise that has followed the elections in November when many Americans made such an emphatic anti-Bush statement, one which caused him to lose both Houses.

Ever since Christmas, Bush has continued to escalate the current conflict. Oil-rich Iran is now in his sights and nuclear weapons could well be used. But despite minor protests and rumblings, George marches on.

But if the American people are deeply unhappy with Bush as the vote clearly indicated why don’t they simply throw him out (as I have previously suggested). What is causing their inaction? Perhaps the answer is not that hard to find.

In previous articles I’ve already identified several groups of Americans. To quickly recap:

1. There are those who realise the damage that the Bush Administration has done to America’s image in the world. This group also comprehends the complete failure in Iraq and understands that attacking Iran will lead to an even greater catastrophe. This group is made up of genuine activists who actually ‘do’ things like attend anti-war protests, run anti-Bush blogs, write letters to members of Congress, etc. Unfortunately their numbers seem small.

2. Then there are those whose comprehension appears to be the same as those above but this group don’t actually do much more than to wring their hands and lament what has happened and express the hope that somehow, someone else or something else will fix the problem. But it certainly won’t be them!

3. Then there are the dedicated Republican Bush backers who would support Bush even if he turned out to be a serial killer or a vampire or an insane megalomaniac. Or all three!

After visiting many American blogs and after reading thousands of comments, now I suspect that there might be another group, perhaps a very large, though usually very silent group who secretly, in their heart of hearts, would be quite happy if America dominated the world. Are eyebrows being raised? Good.

I suspect there are many people in America who would love to be part of a nation that rules the world by force if necessary and they would happily grab whatever riches or advantages their domineering country might throw their way. They would care little about the inequality that might exist between them and much of the rest of the world (an inequality that commonsense tells us would guarantee endless war).

Now as someone who majored in psychology, I realise how difficult it would be identify and quantify this forth group. If you asked a person who belonged to this group, “Would you be happy if America dominated the world using force if necessary?” he or she would deny it completely. After all, it’s hardly something to be proud of. It seems to go against much of what non-Americans think that America stands for or, more correctly perhaps, once stood for!

But the point I’m making is that surely America could never have reached this position where, led by Bush and the Neocons, it threatens to dominate the world unless the bulk of the American people were supporting it (either actively or passively) and were quite happy to be seen as top dogs!

Similarly, Hitler couldn’t have made his run to dominate the world unless he’d had the backing of the bulk of the German people. There are many other examples in the history books of course. I hope I’m wrong but something tells me that I’m not.

Perhaps it’s human nature to want to be at the top of the hierarchy, survival of the fittest and all that. And yet such a purely selfish attitude means that conflict between nations, between races, between religions, will be endless and, eventually, if nuclear weapons enter the scene, terminal.

Do you think there is a large forth group in America? If not, how do you explain the relative inaction of the American people regarding Bush and the warmongering Neocons since Christmas?


Chimpy McHitlerburton said...

"Do you think there is a large forth group in America? If not, how do you explain the relative inaction of the American people regarding Bush and the warmongering Neocons since Christmas?"

I explain it by the fact that you are delusional and unconvincing. There are four types of Americans according to you: 1. Those that recognize evil and are trying to stop it; 2. Those that recognize evil but are too lazy to do anything; 3. Those that promote evil (Republicans); and, now with *snigger* insight, 4. Those that secretly harbor the desire for world domination.

Anyone who doesn't agree with you is either lazy, evil or sneaky. OOORRRRRR you are completely wrong and a rabid extremist yourself.

Methinks the last is clearly the case.

(And it's great to be back - looks like your comments need more action. No one cares what you write. At least I make an effort.)

Coffee Messiah said...

Corporations are the center of all things, even since the beginning of slaves coming our way.
Thus, it's not simply "americans" but Corporations, that also have ties in many other countries, which does include the US, but is not "only" the US.
Seems that way with GW at the helm! ; (

Granny said...

There may well be a fourth group here but I don't think it's hugs.

I think our main problem is apathy. Millions of people who just don't care as long as their own lives are working. It's the "hooray for me and the heck with with you" attitude.

And then there's the other millions who have been so beat down that they think nothing they can do or say will make a difference. I'm surrounded by them.

They both cooperate with our destruction by their silence.

Daniel said...

Chimps, you explain the inaction of the American people by the fact that I'm delusional and unconvincing. Gee, I didn't think I had such an impact. Can you not see the flaw in your ridiculous statement? Comments on my blog don't need more action of this kind!

Coffee, if I'm right, shifting the blame around doesn't change the underlying cause which is more to do with a flaw in human nature, one which prevails across the world.

Granny, thanks for your input. Apathy is another dimension which I know you are trying to change. Wanting to be part of the winning team is another but, in this case, the objectives of the team are very fraught!


Damian Zerek said...

Thankfully that China will stop America from controlling the world, if the muslim world does not beat them to it. Yes, China will be the next superpower in the world...

Daniel said...

We are at a dangerous moment. Bush and the Neocons need to do something to try to resurrect themselves.

Dropping nukes on Iran and the shockwaves from that might buy them more time.

If enough nations are scared by the nuking they may capitulate, bow down to the American war machine, give up control of their oil. They may also rise up en masse.

The stakes are high, the risks great! Damian, we stand poised on the edge of a crevasse.

Daniel said...
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The Future Was Yesterday said...

First, and once again, PLEASE don't confuse America with the dumb ass in our white house. They are two entirely different entities. Secondly, we HAVE dominated the world in every sense of the word, since I've been alive. (57) Where have you been?

Granny was right. Apathy, and exhaustion. Too many folks come home so tired and worn out they can only gulp down some food and fall asleep to be ready for yet another killing day. Do you think they like the situation? It's ALL they can do to stay alive - literally.

A fourth group? No. Except in your preconceived, Anti-American mind. I don't know shit about Kangaroos, but I don't write about why Australia doesn't do something about those crippled horses.

You haven't spent a lot of physical time with 9 to 5 Americans, or you wouldn't come up with such mental and verbal space journey's.

You keep tossing "throw him out" around like we're dealing with an old milk carton here. Would you mind giving specifics, logistics, etc., and most of all - would you mind coming over here to be in that first wave that is certain to die, either at Bush's hand, or his 30M supporters that we'd first have to fight through? If they know we're coming, they're bound to be there.

Throw in some detailed "Here's how, America" along with the platitudes. You don't need any major for that, except common sense and honesty, and one hell of a lot of hard work. It'll do you no good to tear down "this temple." You'll just hate the next biggest. What happens when Australia ends up being the biggest? Does that go the way of your wrecking ball, too????

Daniel said...

Thanks for your revealing comment, FWY. It will be of interest to many Australians especially the bit about how America, in your humble opinion, has dominated the world in every sense of the word for 57 years.

The second thing of interest is that you seek to lay the blame for all the current problems that America has on Bush and his Outlaws. But didn't the American people elect him TWICE? Don't they therefore have to share some responsibility for his actions?

Regarding throwing him out, several countries who are far from being in the 'top' league have managed to get rid of corrupt dictators in the last few years. If they can do it, surely 'Americans' can do it!

That Australia will be the 'biggest' one day demonstrates clearly that I know a lot more about your country than you know about mine. I lived in Canada for three years so I got a long, hard look at America and its people.

And as to me being anti-American I say bullshit! Some of them are very nice, caring people. But I am certainly anti-ignorance, anti-arrogance, anti-militarism, anti-capitalism, anti-religion and anti-nationalism.

And I believe, as a world citizen, I have as much right to express my view of things as you or any other American especially where it concerns the survival of a world which belongs to six and a half billion people, NOT TO three hundred million Americans!